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A thousand years is a long time for sisters to be apart. Celestia begins to feel again with a part of her heart that went numb all those night ago, but her little sister's return feels almost too good to be true. Luna may feel insecure in an Equestria different than the one she remembered but she now knows how much Celestia missed her...and how much she missed her big sister.

See the nightlight dividers by using the format options to turn the background color to Dark.

Art by BlackWater (me)

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Absolutely beautiful. One of the best stories about the sisters' reunion I have read on this site. Heart-warming, touching, sometimes amusing, sometimes adorable, but at all times emotional. It was a wonderful read. Thank you for this magnificent story. :twilightsmile:

I also thank you for the image of Celestia and Luna in diving suits. If someone were to make some artwork of that now, that would be greatly appreciated.:yay:

And before I forget, the little touch about changing the settings to dark while reading just made the experience so much sweeter!

You're welcome and perhaps I'll draw it someday if nopony beats me to it. :derpytongue2:

I always read in the 'dark' theme, so reading a story that specifically recommends it? Bonus!

I really enjoyed this story, BlackWater. Seriously. Of the near two thousand i've read here on fimfic, this is pretty easily one of my top 50 favorites. You make Celly and Luna's interactions so childishly cute it should either be weaponized or banned. I'm not sure which, yet.

Aww, thank you. :twilightblush:
I'm pretty sure they haven't shown too much of the sisterly interaction in the show because it would kill off too many of the viewers with Daw and acute diabeetus. :raritywink:

Beautiful story, and you've gained a watcher.

Well then, I'll have to be extra careful when I'm going home by myself late at night. :trollestia:

4441027 Don't worry, I am not that an aggressive watcher/stalker...

When first started to read this I didn't think it was going to be that good. I am happy I was wrong. This story is pretty good.

Two points: first, it's even better to use the Princess Luna background theme (what a surprise, right?), as that makes the story really visually impressive. (I'm not sure the site had that at the time you wrote this.)

Second, the thees, thys, thines, and thous are strewn about somewhat haphazardly in this fic and could use a general cleanup. Thee maps to me (except second-person instead of first-), thou to I (same). Thy/thine are split the same way a/an are: you use them when the next sound is a consonant/vowel respectively. So e.g. "Forever in thine hooves thee may sleep" should be "Forever in thy* hooves thou may sleep", except I suspect it's supposed to be "my hooves". (My/mine also get the same vowel sound treatment, so it's "mine eyes" or "mine heir", but "my heart" or "my followers".)

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