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Mourning Zephyr

The RoboWriter.

About the RoboWriter

Hello, you, person sitting there reading this! I'm Mourning Zephyr, but my friends just call me Zeph or Zephyr (except for the odd ones who call me Mourning). I do some writing of my own, as well as drawing and editing. If you're looking for any advice, or have any questions for me, feel free to ask!

I don't say much, but you may see me around this site.

Favorite Pony: Luna
Mane Six Pony I'm Most Like: Twilight
Favorite Shipping: I am a diehard TwiLuna shipper.
Genres I Like: Romance and occasionally crossovers if they're done really well.
Genres I Love: Adventure

I am also a Professor and Admin over at the School for New Writers.

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your name is Zephyr, prepare to die

711045 I like your story.  Hey want to check out my story Ace Combat: Divided Feelings?

Still the best XD


Thanks! I'm happy to hear that.

Though, any improvement you've seen can be mostly attributed to my good friend Craine. He's been a mentor of sorts for the past couple of months, and I always try to get his name out there.


You've improved more than I expected you to have when I decided to take a look at your story. I'm interested to watch you improve as time goes on, and see what stories you craft. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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