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Twilight and Chrysalis spend Christmas together. The alicorn wants to use the concept to do something nice for her friends. The changeling just wants the four letter word. Being a princess means Twilight has to be more calm and collected when she makes decisions and when she reacts to the world around her. It's a good thing that she's been making progress on that or else the holiday would likely end up a flaming wreck, courtesy of her overzealous obsession with perfection.

Thankfully, the wishes of the pony and changeling are compatible this time.

1. Soft holiday Chrylight fluff. Don't over-think it.
2. Rated teen for a little playfulness. Nothing too extreme.
3. Lyra needs to tone it down with the human craziness.
4. It's a good thing Pinkie Pie doesn't know about Christmas yet...right?
5. Based on setup from Queen No More.
6. Not a part of Hive Alive's official timeline.
7. Merry Christmas, my little Chrylighters!

Art by BlackWater (me)

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Very enjoyable. Happy holidays

Dude nice one this really got me in the mood for the holiday today. But do you have a story about what is cannon with the story here about twilight saving and living with chrysalis?


Glad to hear. I really do hope everyone has a great day today. :pinkiehappy:

To answer your question, Queen No More was kind of an open-ended salvation one-shot and Hive Alive is the all-encompassing sequel to it. I made this fic here as something of a Christmas gift to everypony. I would have fit it into the canon of my other stories if only doing so wouldn't have taken so ridiculously long. There's a ton of details I would have had to synch and I did not have enough time to pull it off. That being said, what happens in the fic is not far off from Hive Alive's story direction. So it'll eventually be canon to my other work in an indirect way.

Anyways, Merry Christmas again!

Hm, very nice to see more Chrylight romance around here.

Question, teacher! Could Hive Alive possibly be going in the same direction, shall we say?


Well technically, my dear student, Hive Alive is not categorized as Romance. The reasoning being that what romance elements do exist are less than the main focus of the plot and really integrated more as a part of the slice-of-life elements. That being said, Hive Alive is just one part of a greater plot and should I write a continuation of that story, the sequel just might be categorized differently. So, in conclusion, we might just say that the answer to your question is...an affirmative. :scootangel:

3685475 Well then, that's nice to hear. Onward, then!

You know, this reminds me of a song, a favourite of my sister's...

*clap* *clap* *clap* Bravo! Korosho!! MAMMA MIA!!! This was marvelous! Simply marvelous!!! This, sir (miss) was a very fine ChriLight fan fiction and one of THE VERY BEST I have ever read!!! If it were up to me, it would br in Equestria Daily already!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

The world needs more Chryslight this was cute.

A couple of minor corrections: "shear volume" should be "sheer volume", and "holy hoof" should be "holey hoof". "Shear" and "holy" are perfectly good words, they're just not the *right* words. :)

I'm gonna die!

D'awwww ~ That was really sweet.

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