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Insanity is only those of the vivid imagination

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deviantArt chatroom!

As a way to introduce a way for MLP fanfic authors to shoot each other ideas and other of the like and for editors to get possible jobs, I created a chatroom on the dA chat network just for this.

#BronyFanfics for those of you wanting to try it out.. So, give it a try and I will see you all in there. :twilightsmile:


A personal update, I guess · 3:45am Sep 29th, 2018

So in my last blog post that I did back in August said I had a job lined up so I can make money and all that sexy jazz. WELP. I never got the call. Then I applied at a gas station/convenience store attached to a grocery store. Never got a call. There are people who think I haven't been trying to get a job. I have been, as well as someone who is awkward as fuck can, that is. It just seems that people don't want to take someone who has been flagged for gross misconduct by their previous

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Absolutely brilliant stories!!! You’re amazing! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::heart:

Are you alright? You have been gone for months now your silence worries me. Hello?

I just wanted to say that I really like your fics.
I was wondering if you were planning on continuing the ap-parent trap

Just curious, but would you ever be willing to take a fic request?

Oh hi. You hae been visited by the mildyl drink Seven. How goes old frendo.

I didn't really take that as a being bullied, besides, I need to change my avatar for awhile, so Chryssie filled the role

Yeahhh, no. Sorry, dude, but there's only room for one Spitfire avatar around here, so I'm officially here to push you out.

No hard feelings, it's just how it's gotta be!

You should continue the Raising of the Twilight but keep to something you already do.
Aka Chrysalis and Twilight, like have Chrysalis be Armors lover in the past and they had a love child together. Have her blame Tia and Luna for the death of Armor or something.
Idk, I would like to see you expand more on that concept.

Either way, keep up the good writing!

Cuz I cancelled alot of them

Um why all all you fic that dont have completed marked on them cancelled?

Sauce for your avatar?
I-it's for, um, Educational purposes. Yeah, let's go with that...

Hey I love your story unshifting lust why did u cancel it? It was a super good story

Have you given up on your solar child rewrite?

Alright......so. I just uploaded the new Even Changelings Wear Masks.
Here's the link ------------> LINK OF AWESOMENESS

Obviously I changed my name. :ajbemused:

What have you done with Bakmah Genesis? Where is he?! Answer or I swear I will Nom on your ear!


  • Viewing 61 - 80 of 80
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