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Sneak peek into my first story · 11:38pm May 19th, 2013

So I will give you guys what I have so far. I have been really busy preparing for my major grade school orchestra concert so that has been taking up my time a lot. By the way it's called Responsible for a Moon


Every sunset before the moon is to go down the two alicorn sisters spend a few moments together, alone. The elder sister, Princess Celestia, was worried about the younger sister, Princess Luna. It was silent for a few moments then Celestia spoke.

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829517 :yay:

Thank you!

That's actually a quasi-side story to DSTCTTS anyway :3

829516 I am reading Collide first it is great so far!!!

829512 You'd love Don't Stand Too Close To The Sun, then :3

829508 No problem! Oh and I think you should make more deep sad stories, they are marvelous!

Thanks for the watch, the follow, and the comment on Paper Tigers <3

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