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Please read the description before doing anything else.

The goal of this group is fairly simple. We wish to have a forum that is free of dumb, superfluous threads that don't foster intelligent discussion on the topic of shipping in the MLP:FIM fandom.

Thus, we have Intelligent Shipping Discussion, a group that will only be for those who actually want to discuss the finer points of shipping.

Anyone may start a thread, however, threads of these type will not be tolerated:

1. I'm looking for a fic with such and such
2. I'm looking for a proofreader
3. What's your favorite ship? (This type of thread is essentially a roll-call, and doesn't foster actual discussion)
4. Will you read my fic?
5. Any obvious trolling threads
6. I have an idea for a story where... (If you have an idea, there's a thread for that)
7. Any thread that does not have proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Those who post any threads of this sort will be banned without hesitation.


The admins reserve the right to delete any thread that they see as superfluous or anti-discussion. However, we will send you a message explaining why we deleted said thread. You will not be banned.

Also, we have a Skype group. PM Zaphod with your username is you wish to chat with us.

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Jake R is best pony.

I was going to post that in the "Waaaaaah" thread, but it got locked. :fluttercry:

I can finally debate ships with people who are not complete idiots! The rule about spelling, grammar, and punctuation might be a little hard to follow

Wow, an intelligent discussion group about shipping? I am in heaven, and the Scuola di Atene banner picture? Holy... I am in love. :yay:

Comment posted by Azusa deleted Sep 2nd, 2013

317499 Sorry, this group is just for forum discussion.

317500 This group is about shipping, any shipping.

So, is this group mostly about Mane6*2, or are there other groupings and just haven't gotten to/found yet?

YOYOYO! Can we post stories here? As in, stories that involve intelligent shipping? I'm writing The New Gods, ( about the story of Celestia's life and the conflicts of the royalty. She will be shipped with Discord, who is born at the same time as her and is seen as a monster, finding joy in the chaotic beauty of the sky at dusk and dawn and eventually finding an unlikely and enduring friendship with her, leading to a deep romance before his downfall and betrayal. It's packed with reinterpreted but accurate references to the rich complexities of the twos' personalities and the history of Equestria. Sound intelligent enough?:pinkiehappy:

Thanks...but no thanks.
I already pushed my luck enough around here.
Thanks anyways.

Um, you didn't cause any offense. And no one asked you to leave (as far as I know.)

You're welcome back any time.

Well...I had fun here while it lasted.
Sorry if I caused any offense.

Decided to join because I was bored, and this seems like a good procrastination tool... :pinkiehappy:

I just want to mention what a wonderful group I think this is. I liked the idea of it, but I wasn't initially sure I'd really engage with it much. But seeing what's been posted over the last couple days, this is just a great place for discussing and exchanging ideas.

Thank you, Jake Robers and bookplayer, for creating this group!

This group is exactly what I want from an intellectual community such as us shippers.

Hopefully there are no haters around here.:ajsmug:

I like this group description. I hated how the Shipping group kept filling up my dashboard with all those useless threads, so I'll be in here and see what comes of it.

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