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Bakmah Genesis

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Chrysalis expected a few things to come out of her failed invasion. New enemies, cuts, bruises. But she really wasn't expecting to be expecting. Worst yet, the father of her unborn isn't a he, but a she who just so happens to be the Princess of Equestria.

Cover art by Lopoddity here
Nothing to do with her verse and next gen, picture just somewhat fit

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please credit lopoddity.deviantart.com for the cover art!!


Wait, if it's rare for changelings to get pregnant, how do they reproduce?

The source goes directly to the page but alright I guess

Semi similar to reptiles. They lay eggs. Chapter 2 will kinda explain more.


*tries to sneak follow in*:twilightoops:

This has potential...

...Oh, why do I have the feeling I'm going to be laughing my ass off here?

My own, nothing to do with Lopp's verse

Mmm, this looks interesting. I'll wait and see how things will play out with this little big revelation.

Ya, this will be a hit, maybe.
How often will you update?

“I’m pregnant.” The room fell quiet as all eyes fell on Shining Armor. The stallion looked around before starting to panic.

Who else laugh their asses off at this paragraph, cuz I did! :rainbowlaugh:

This looks absolutely hilarious. I'm tracking, but you need an editor.

Ya, i like this.

Interest piqued. Let's see how this goes.

This oughta be good.

I laughed from all shining-Chrysalis sentences, it was perfect :rainbowlaugh:

Fun concept, but it's written like crack. Fast paced, blasé, and with far too much humor injected into everything. It feels like the story is only there to lead to the next joke or laugh; like you're rushing through the actual plot points so you can have a character snap off another witty one liner.
I suggest a comedy tag so readers understand this isn't a serious story.

so...... whens the wedding *u*

How fast will the chapters be coming out? Just a rough estimate no rush.

I can't belive i am saying this but I wanna see more.

Really just depends on mood and whenever I finish the next chapter. I got one chapter all ready to post but I haven't finished the chapter after it yet so...

This can't be the only Celestia has been told someone is baring her child.


Oh, my Celestia Yes Finally! a Celestia X Chrysalis story that is featured and that isn't dead!

I ship it!!!!!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

You can almost hear Celestia's brain careen off the tracks at the end.

I love the interactions with Shining.

'That was the best way Chrysalis explain how she looked at the moment' - Chrysalis could explain

'doctor is her to check on' - here

'Then I feel fine but for the rest of the day' - remove but

'rummaging through the bag her brought with' - the bag he brought with himself

'more carnal means then just wooing a stallion' - than

'The only I could get pregnant' - only way I

“And we didn’t close off the entrances and put wards on where they used to be to detect magic use, why?”

This doesn't sound like something Celestia would say.

Love this story so far! Keep going! I think it may deserve a comedy tag!


I'm going to have to agree with KoB. Chrysalis is caught by guards who just feel justified waving their spears at her... when at their levels of jumpy and retribution for the attack one would think they'd be skewering her immediately, and I can't blame it on discipline because they don't seem to HAVE any. Shining arguing with Celestia, and allowing himself to be intimidated before his ruler as THE Captain of the Guard? Allowing himself to be distracted by personal issues when the enemy leader is a few feet in front of him and her horn is unrestrained?

This doesn't work as a normal story, for the characterization and other issues KoB listed above. However, it can pass just fine as a crackfic with liberal applying of the Comedy tag since that seems to be what you're going for.

Fantastic concept for a well-fleshed story, one I would read as I prefer Celestalis shipping over most other forms of Celestia shipping, particularly when she's in the somewhat more dominant position rather than the submissive. But we'll see how the comedy shapes up.

i feel like this will be a beautiful trainwreck that evolves into something truly glorious.

“The only I could get pregnant

missing word

Okay, you know what, I can see this working.

Liking it so far. :3

Ales #36 · Jul 3rd, 2018 · · 2 · Chapter 2 ·

Always liked "sane" cryssie more than the pure evil bat-shit crazy one from the cannon.

“Well, it will take about nine months

Pony gestation period is eleven months, not nine. It could go to twelve if it were a horse, but it's usually eleven.

What counts a "weird craving" for something that can also feed on emotions? Strange foods that don't really go together, and served by ponies in specific emotional states?
"I demand ice cream and pickles! And have it served to me by somepony who is terrified of me!"
"I would like a cupcake, with hot sauce, and a pony that is very cheery and friendly."

Yes, PONY Gestation. Maybe Ponies are Unique that way, and everything else takes 9 months? Just a thought.


Get your damned science out of my fantasy you heathen! Heh. 9 or 11 months, it'll be interesting to watch Chrissy blow up, Canterlot go nuts, the hive go nuts as they try to help their Queen without getting caught by ponies, and Celestia breaking desks with her forehead...

p.s. Why would Chrysalis have any pain giving birth? She's a changeling and by that definition, she should be able to pass anything effortlessly?

Haven't even started reading and I can already feel the feels-filled shenanigans.
Which is impressive, seeing as I have been unable to feel my feels since about three weeks ago.


Perfect reaction. Absolutely perfect. Also, this line, and the one to which it is a response, can be used to predict the general outline of the story: What the fluff is going on? With a sprinkle of overprotective Chryssi once the foal comes, and a garnish of diabetees.

If it's changeling length, how would Celestia know the timeframe? Since Chrysalis uses eggs and instead is taking on mammalian habits, it's safe to assume that she's going to have the same gestation length. The gestation period of ponies is 11 months, and most consider Celestia and Luna ponies instead of horses. Since Celestia is the mother and the gestian for equine species is 11 months, I l' d think Chrysalis would take on the same gestation period since she's have a baby in the mammailion tradition.


The answer is that idk what the gestation for ponies is, so I just played it safe and went with 9 months

It took me 15sec to look it up in a Google search xD it just come straight at you with 11 months

What I’m curious is how will Luna and the mane 6 deal with the situation


Unfortunately, Nature doesn't work that way. That baby will come out when it's done. Not after just 9 months. The gestation period for a Liger,(If I remember correctly) Was different than that of a Tiger OR a Lion. That's what I'm getting at.


Twilight will probably break her own share of desks with her forehead alongside Celestia...

I'd be more interested in what the rest of the hive and Canterlot will do. When two political leaders (or close to it) have a child (after marriage I hope), it's often the "cement" to the merging of territories. Are both sides losing their collective minds over that implication?

Not sure there's enough popcorn in the world for this level of entertainment for Discord. :rainbowlaugh:

For some reason I think when Luna and Chrysalis meet... actually for the first time I think Luna might try to kill her without knowing if the arrangement her sister and Chrysalis made.

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