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Umbra Animo

a guy with way to much time a love of world creating and a very DARK mind point for who can guess my translated name

what is a writer

What is a writer. To the normal world they are they nerd, the loner, the nut, To their family the are ,the "special one", the shut in, head in the clouds. To their foes they are, the easy mark, the target, the loser. To themselves they are, the wastes of space, a broken toy, the scratched out line. To their friends they are, the creative, the driven, the unstoppable. To their fans they are, the maestro of joy, the master of magic, the inspiration. And to the worlds they write,they are the one who can do no wrong, the divine one, the creator, to the lives they breath life to they are, the idol, the true light, to them a writer is God. so what is a writer hehe a writer is many thing its up to you to decided. do you want to be a man or a God all you have to do is create


Happy birthday to me · 8:03pm May 4th

So yeah today is my birthday part of why story is going take some time to update birthday party and the games i get from them among other things will keep me busy that and collage finals coming up

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No insult ever taken. :) I like to help share how being blind isn't the end of the world scenario it is made out to be. Sure it really stinks not seeing anything while being very limited. However having a 'Screen Reader' keeps me able to interact with the world and share my talent and love of writing.

Thanks I have to be impressed with how well you write and the fact you can (this is not ment to be insulting by the way) even haveing relatively working sight (im fairly near sighted) i have trouble writeing but you do a great job with out being able to see

Hello! Thanks for asking your question on my blog.

Despite being 100% blind I am fortunate enough to have special technology on my computer known as a "Screen Reader". Screen readers are designed to provide voice feedback in lieu of being able to actually view the content on a web-page, document, etc.

The one I use is called "JAWS" and has been around for about 20 years. They work as hard as possible to make software that is visual to be accessible to blind people . However it has limits. So, for example, I can't reply to comments on FiM Fiction. However I can write a comment. I can also reply to Messages / Notes but can't start a new one.

I hope you enjoy the site. There are a lot of talented writers here. May you find yourself a few while making great friends along the way!

Thanks for adding "Dawn" to your favourites. :twilightsmile:

I have 1 from 2 chapters ready, before it worries you that I haven't posted so long, but it depends on my editor how fast he is before I upload them.

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