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Umbra Animo

a guy with way to much time a love of world creating and a very DARK mind point for who can guess my translated name

what is a writer

What is a writer. To the normal world they are they nerd, the loner, the nut, To their family the are ,the "special one", the shut in, head in the clouds. To their foes they are, the easy mark, the target, the loser. To themselves they are, the wastes of space, a broken toy, the scratched out line. To their friends they are, the creative, the driven, the unstoppable. To their fans they are, the maestro of joy, the master of magic, the inspiration. And to the worlds they write,they are the one who can do no wrong, the divine one, the creator, to the lives they breath life to they are, the idol, the true light, to them a writer is God. so what is a writer hehe a writer is many thing its up to you to decided. do you want to be a man or a God all you have to do is create


A brief notice · 9:43pm September 23rd

Never mourn the dead is not a dead story
I am just shit at actually remembering to fucking write. ADHD mostly and i have bad reactions to medication so far. So when I go to write something distracts me and I forget. I am going to try and write but don’t hold your breath guys.

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