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Death pt3. · 10:20pm May 27th, 2019

Just lost one of my pet birds. A budgie named Pauly who I've had for close to 10 years. Tamed him and was the first bird I ever owned. He will be missed. Rest in peace and may the skies be clear for you.

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"What? Get that script out of my face!" (Incoherent speaking) "Fuck you! I'm doing this my way! HEY! Jihibukai omega. You ever need someone blown up just let me know, capiche?"


"Thank you for the favorite."


I'm glad you liked my story, Merciful Omega, and I appreciate you adding it to your Favorites. Hopefully I can continue to entertain you.

Thanks for the face man, i really apreciate it. :scootangel:

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