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And here... my Queen, Isn't she lovely? You know, what I think I love the most about her is her in-born need to dominate, to possess. Such power and dignity.
If I may put forward a slice of personal philosophy, I feel that Celestia has ruled this world as a stumbling, demented foal long enough! And as her empire crumbles, my precious Queen shall rise as her most fitting successor!

The horror that she brings,
The horror of her sting,
The unholiest of Queens
Our minds will be her toy,
And every filly and colt
Will learn to be employed by
The Queen.
Love me,
Yes, we love me,
Love her,
Yes we love her,
Love me,
Yes we love her.
She sits upon her throne and picks
At all the thralls of her husbands
And her wives she's devoured.
She stares with a gleam,
With a laugh so obscene at the virgins
She's deflowered.

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335844 There is a later Episode in which she was given voice. If this is still of any interest.

410947 Oh yeah, there are at least Two confirmed sitings of this now..
Not just the one where she meats her costumed self in the original Library.

Otherwise, I enjoy the Golden AU alternate option.

Paybe I should have her as the Princess of Lust in some later story, if and when I get to that.
Sadly I haven't exactly been overly productive here.

410946 In case you don't know, the season 5 finale involved time travel. That means that it is possible for Chryssy to be dead in the canon timeline, like Sombra...

Additionally, Chrysalis might be referred to as the Queen of Lust, but one of my main OCs is referred to as the Prince of Wrath.

410926 There has to be a reason why they left Crizzy alive and reasonably capable of returning. There seems to be hints towards the return of the Changelings somewhere from time to time.
As a Queen, it should be room for a Motherly role for her character. How sad it would be if she had no such qualities?
If you can't find a readily established Canon character, there is but inventing an OC to fill the spot. Why work hard on twisting existing characters to what they were never intended for?

On second thought, I probably have numerous other stories in which she and her fellow Changelings are involved in some way or the other.

335844 Nope, but she does have some time in the season 5 finale...

381192 Interesting... I'm actually working on a story in which Queen Chrysalis has been reformed, and her first act as a "hero" is to adopt one of my primary OCs.:scootangel: I think that Chryssi makes a great mom...:heart:

335134 So, you don't like Celestia either? Perhaps there can be some form of alliance between the changelings and the Lunar Republic? Together, changelings and thestrals could create true vampires... :pinkiecrazy:

335878 Speaking of this one pink mare, I had her giving our beloved Queen a second chance in Manehattan.
My second entry deals with a very different situation, where Chrysalis had set up an orphanage.

I have yet another story, but I wasn't sure if she is Prominent enough in "Queen Meanie", to be featured here.

Seems I need to be here, since a few of my stories involves Chrysalis in a prominent role.
I just need some help in order to findd exactly which folders my stories belong in, if any.

In the end, I added 2 stories in 2 different folders, where I hope they are going to spread some joy to who ever choose to read them.

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I hope she comes back in season four as well. She has such great potential and a back story that needs explaining.:trixieshiftright:

As for your other question. You can write her any way you like. I mean you could write her to be an evil version of Pinky Pie:pinkiecrazy:, but I warn you not everyone will like your interpretation no matter what you do.

Words I live by: You can't please everyone, so don't even try and just do you best.:twilightsmile:

I want to write a story about Queen Chrysalis but I'm not really sure what her dialect is like, I mean she is only in one episode. I hope she come back in season four.

I jumped up and down cheering her on during the wedding and as she beat celestia

Queen Chrysalis is my favourite villain. She just looks so epic and she's so undeveloped that you can basically do anything with her. Also I love the fact that she doesn't just cause mischief like Discord. She's actually dangerous.

As such, I approve of this group!

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