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I'm a long time science fiction and animation fan who stumbled into My Little Pony fandom and got caught -- I guess I'm a Brony Forever now.

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    Cheerilee, at college in Canterlot, wakes up in a very bad situation and realizes that her life is going wrong.  · Jordan179
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    Hitch-hiking can be dangerous. Picking up hitch-hikers can be even more dangerous. Even if all they really do want is a ride.  · Jordan179
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    YOH 1409: Cadet Guidestar Flight is on sentry duty at the West Hoof Arsenal when he encounters an intruder!  · Jordan179
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    YOH 1269: An angry riverboat captain and a filly who is older than she seems team up to fight bandits!  · Jordan179
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    February 1503: Strains threaten to tear apart Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. They have loved each other since they were fillies -- but might they be incompatible? And what of Fluttershy's own dark secret, the one she's never been able to reveal?  · Jordan179
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    Oct, YOH 1503 (Season 3): Celestia tells Luna about her new and possibly dangerous plan.  · Jordan179
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    YOH 1501: In the aftermath of Twilight's mental breakdown, Princess Celestia considers her own mistakes.  · Jordan179
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    S1E01 of Kindness Is Magic -- the Quest of the Elements from Fluttershy's point of view.  · Jordan179
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Top Favourites

  • My Little Balladeer The Elements of Harmony find themselves facing an evil beyond their knowledge, armed with an alien magic. In desperation they use their Elements to summon aid and get - a hillbilly with a silver-strung guitar? by Ardashir 151,377 words · 3,486 views · 133 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Lost Cities North of Canterlot, in the far marches of the Equestrian lands near the Griffon tribes, there is a mountain that flies. by Cold in Gardez 11,045 words · 8,198 views · 952 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Without a Hive A young changeling is separated from his hive, and must blend in and survive among the ponies of Equestria. by Phoenix_Dragon 189,652 words · 17,921 views · 1,681 likes · 28 dislikes
  • Traitor The story of "Twilight's Kingdom" from Discord's point of view. by alarajrogers 29,255 words · 3,694 views · 259 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Pony POV Series Season Four: Generation Transitions & Origins Why is Pinkie Pie 'weird'? Why is Celestia? Why is Discord? A connection between G1,MLPT, G3, and by Alex Warlorn 79,042 words · 3,608 views · 177 likes · 8 dislikes

The "Shadow Wars"

The machinations of the Cosmic Concepts have shaped the history of the Ponies for ten thousand years.  But now their mistakes have cracked the Cosmos, and the Shadows seep through to claim our own Universe for their dark and predatory purposes.  If they can gain a bridgehead on Equestria's Earth, this will be but the first step in a war of extermination against our continuum, a war which will end in the destruction of all life in our own Universe.

Can Celestia lead the defense of the Earth and save, not only her little Ponies, but all Earthlife, from utter annihilation?  Can Luna be redeemed from the Shadows and return to her former greatness?  Will Discord prove a powerful ally, or betray them all to damnation?  Can a new generation of powerful beings aid them enough to bring victory?  Or will the Earth die, drained of its vitality by the sinister Shadows?

List of stories in the Shadow Wars universe further down the page.

Now with its own master TV Tropes Page!

Featured Completed Stories

  • Nightmares Are Tragic Nightmare Moon spends a thousand years banished to the Moon, then returns to seek her revenge. From HER point of view. by Jordan179 32,977 words · 6,198 views · 429 likes · 22 dislikes
  • An Extended Performance The Great and Powerful Trixie gives the performance of her life during the Longest Night in Eqeustrian history. Start of Season 1. by Jordan179 26,641 words · 1,786 views · 82 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Teacher Zero YOH 1501: In the aftermath of Twilight's mental breakdown, Princess Celestia considers her own mistakes. by Jordan179 7,473 words · 5,476 views · 376 likes · 34 dislikes
  • Post-Traumatic April, YOH 1505: Twilight Sparkle and her Companions have returned to Ponyville from Our Town. Now they must deal with the emotional price of their incomplete victory. by Jordan179 65,404 words · 2,563 views · 144 likes · 19 dislikes
  • Twelfth Equestriad Interview Two and a half decades after the final victory over the Shadows, Princess Luna records an interview for the Summer Sun Celebration by Jordan179 15,740 words · 1,519 views · 75 likes · 12 dislikes

The Flutterarc

  • Dragonshyness Fluttershy endures one of the most frightening experiences of her life. (It is a testament to the utter terror that can be Fluttershy's life that confronting a full-grown Dragon counts as only "one" of the most terrifying days of her by Jordan179 38,858 words · 1,525 views · 96 likes · 9 dislikes
  • A Robust Solution Fluttershy comes to terms with a mistake from her past, and learns how to handle herself in the future, with the help of her good friend Rarity. by Jordan179 11,859 words · 1,222 views · 101 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Fluttershy Is Free Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go to see a butterfly migration. Mid-Season 1, immediately after "Call of the Cutie." by Jordan179 10,460 words · 2,110 views · 134 likes · 7 dislikes

List of Stories in the Shadow Wars Series

Here are the stories of the Shadow Wars, roughly in order, including major incomplete and projected works:


Undying Love (incomplete):  Takes place from around 2500 to 1500 years ago.  Discord and Celestia; how he loved and lost her, in a love that is undying, much as they might wish they could forget.

Corruption at Nightfall (incomplete):  Takes place over a thousand years ago.  The tale of Prince Crimson Quartz and Lady Tourmaline of the Crystal Empire, and Princess Luna of Equestria; and how the Empire fell into darkness.

All the Way Gone (projected):  The story of how Princess Luna of Equestria fell into the Nightmare.

"His Recipe For Love" (complete, 11,334 words):  YOH 1252, or 248 years before the Season One opener.  Aventurine Miter is very much in love with his wife Harmonia Pie.  Join them on the Hunt for the Ingredient of the Cupcakes of Life!  M-rated, NSFW, both sex and gore.

Malign Spirits (incomplete):  YOH 1269, or 231 years  before Luna's Return. Keen Trader was all set to make a tidy profit and secure his family fortunes when vicious bandits wrecked his venture.  Now he wants revenge.  And, with the aid of, he's going to get it!

An Incident On Senry Duty (incomplete):  In YOH 1409, some 91 years before the start of Season 1, Cadet Guidestar Flight stops an intruder at the Arsenal of the West Hoof Military Academy, and he finds himself protecting a younger female cadet who is caught up in intrigue between two of the Pegasus High Clans.

Collateral Damage (complete, 32,231 words):  In YOH 1481, some 19 years before the start of Season 1, ex-Guardspony Falcon Punch tries to deliver a vital package from Appleloosa to Canterlot -- but unknown to him, an elite Changeling Infiltrator is on his trail!  Characters include Falcon Punch, Princess Ceymi, and a 9-year-old Cheerilee.  Dark tragedy, with gore and (very limited but horrifying) sexual content.

Pinkie Sense and Sensibility (incomplete):  The birth and early life of Pinkie Pie and her sisters.

"Ruminations in Stone" (complete, 2,292 words):  Spring, YOH 1500, a couple months before Luna's Return and the start of Season One.  Wind Whistler, trapped within the stone statue of Discord, muses about her past and future.

Nightmares Are Tragic (complete, 32,976 words):  S1E1-2, June 21-22 YOH 1500, The Elements of Harmony (Season One opener), from Luna's perspective.  The core story of the Shadow Wars continuity, introducing its interpretation of the Mane Six and especially of Princess Luna and the true nature of the Shadows.

An Extended Performance: (complete, 26,639 words) S1, June YOH 1500 (same time as the Season One opener): Side-story to Nightmares Are Tragic, detailing how Trixie defended her show against the Shadow Coven in Manehattan on the Longest Night, and what Celestia was doing while all this was going on.

A Long Night at the Hippodrome (incomplete) S1, June YOH 1500 (same time as the Season One opener):  Side-story to An Extended Performance, detailing how Trixie's old friend Piercing Gaze dealt with the Longest Night at his theater in Baltimare.

His Mark On History (incomplete, S1, June YOH 1500 (early S1, from The Elements of Harmony to "The Ticket Master. but set on another continent):  Can First Strong Messenger make his mark on history by striking a blow for the freedom of the South Speaker Ponies of Taura?

No Trouble at All (incomplete, early S1, July YOH 1500, one month after Luna's Return):  The 10-year-old Apple Bloom, bored, decides to run out and play in the Everfree.

The Romance of the Open Road (incomplete) early S1,  YOH 1500:  The Great and Powerful Trixie leaves Manehattan and takes to the road to win her fortune -- a road that will lead her to Ponyville.

All the Way Back (incomplete) early S1, YOH 1500:  How Princess Luna, purged of the NIghtmare, recovered her power and sanity, making a place for herself in the strange new world of modern Equestria.

Least Noticeable and Little Flappy (incomplete):  Early S1, YOH 1500, contemperaneous with E5 "Griffon the Brush-Off"  How "Least Noticeable" Claire Pie, Pinkie's gigantic invisible twin sister, saved a little flappy creature and made a new friend.

Dragonshyness (complete, 38,854 words): early mid S1, YOH 1500, contemperaneous with E7: "Dragonshy."  The most terrifying day of Fluttershy's life, as she must finally face the creature she most dreads -- a full-grown Dragon.

Royal Business (incomplete): Early mid S1, September YOH 1500, a bit after E7 "Dragonshy."  Spike is called away on royal business to meet with Celestia, but he winds up spending a while as Luna's guest.

A Robust Solution (complete, 11, 859 words):  mid S1, YOH 1500, just before E12 "Call of the Cutie."  Fluttershy reveals a shameful secret from her past to Rarity, who helps her friend understand and surmount its emotional legacy.

Fluttershy Is Free (complete, 10,464 words):  S1, YOH 1500, after E12 "Call of the Cutie."  Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash go to see a butterfly migration, and Fluttershy reveals a dark secret of her origin.

"Teacher Zero" (complete, 7,440 words):  S2, YOH 1501, right after E03 "Lesson Zero."  Celestia and Luna react to the madness that has nearly claimed Twilight Sparkle.

"Advance Warning" (complete, 6,001 words): S3, YOH 1503.  Princess Celestia tells Princess Luna of her plan to redeem their old mutual friend, Discord.

"A Meeting by Moonlight" (complete, 2,932 words): S3, YOH 1503.  Princess Luna visits Twilight Sparkle one night and tells her a tale of the Age of Wonders, revealing more than she means to in the process.

"Feeling Adrift"  (complete, 4,938 words):   S3, YOH 1503,  right after "A Meeting by Moonlight."  Princess Celestia tries to help her sister deal with her feelings of alienation and loneliness.

Divine Jealousy and the Voice of Reason (incomplete):  S4, November YOH 1504, right after "Equestria Games" and before Twilight's Kingdom.  When Discord discovers he has a rival for Fluttershy's love, he consults his inner Voice of Reason for advice.

Substitute Mentor (incomplete):  Pony Earth segment is between S4 and S5, January YOH 1505, while the Nightmare Delusion Humanoid Earth segment is AD 2016 and the Angel of Illusion Humanoid Earth segments are AD 2010 to 2016.  Can the Humanoid Trixies be saved from madness and their worlds from devastation by the Humanoid Piercing Gaze?

Post-Traumatic (complete, 65,404 words):  April YOH 1505.  Starlight Glimmer has been defeated and Our Town liberated.  Now the returning Mane Six must deal with the damage the Sameness did to their minds.  Sometimes, mere victory is not enough.

Fools and Drunks (incomplete):  April YOH 1505.  Snips and Snails decide to celebrate Snails' 16th birthday by gping into the Everfree doing something a bit more unwise than usual.  Will Snails finally tell Snips about Glittershell?  Will the two teenage colts even survive?

"Her Special Gift" (complete, 2,673 words):  May 4th, YOH 1507.  The morning after her wedding night, Pinkie Pie gives her new husband Cheese Sandwich a very special gift.

Love Amongst Monsters (incomplete):  Starting YOH 1508, concluding YOH 1512.  Ill Wind, a brilliant Pegasus scientist, works to complete a vital engineering project for High Commander Windvane, and may find romantic as well as professional success.

Love Starved (incomplete):  February-March, YOH 1515.  Compound is reassigned to the Provisional Hive Defense Swarm, which she knows is a near-suicide post.  But in what she assumes to be the last days of her life, she makes two very good friends.

The Fall of Hive Hunger-Prime (incomplete):  April, YOH 1515.  Compound and her friends struggle to survive within the last of Queen Hunger's hives as it falls at the end of the Great Changeling War (1513-1515).

Twelfth Equestriad Interview (complete, 15,741 words):  June YOH 1548, 48 years after Luna's Return and 24 years after the final victory in the Shadow Wars, Luna and Twilight are interviewed on TV on the night of the Summer Sun Celebration.

"Audience Reaction" (complete, 2,867 words):  June YOH 1548, side-story to Twelfth Equestriad Interview.  During the historic interview TV broadcast, Rarity and Spike deal with an attempt to sabotage Rarity Enterprises' perfume campaign.


I Guess It Doesn't Matter Any More (complete, 16,169 words):  Between Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks.  Trucker Long Haul picks up a whole lot of trouble when he gives a ride to a hitch-hiking ghost girl on the outskirts of the Everfree National Forest.



So, in the wake of S7 E08 "Hard to Say Anything Positive About the Future of the Show," I face the decision of what to do with Big Mac in the SWSV.

I. Cheerilee

When I started mapping out the likely futures of the MLP characters in the SWSV, I  gave Big Mac what looked like (in Season 4) his likeliest romantic and marital future:  namely, marrying Cheerilee.  It seemed obvious to me from "Hearts and Hooves Day" that he and Cheerilee had once had feelings for one another, that for some reason they had broken off their love or friendship, and that it had been rekindled by the CMC forcing them together with the Poison Joke.  

This is the more so because the CMC seem to be more or less unwitting Agents of Destiny.  I don't take it as far as seeing them as Avatars of the Fates as they are in the Oversaturated World (I think Bloomie is Past, Scootaloo Present and Sweetie Belle the Future in that storyverse), but I do think that they have a habit of being right on the spot when major events occur, and sometimes helping precipitate them (for example, giving Discord the final energy he needs to break free in Return of the Elements of Harmony).  So I do not find it at all unbelievable that they might have given Big Mac and Cheerilee the push they needed to remember what they once felt for each other.

The Show, and Comic Book, both seemed to support this by depicting Cheerilee as especially friendly, supportive and even flirtatious toward Big Mac.  What's more, it goes with a popular trope from the days of movie Westerns -- the Hero and the Schoolmarm.  So it struck me as a plausible development.

The version of their story I went with goes like this:

Cheerilee is two years older than Big Mac.  They first became friends when she was 9 and he 7, after the sudden death of Cheerilee's father led to her having to assume many family responibilities far too young (her mother became a hopeless alcoholic).  How this happened is described in Collateral Damage.

Big Mac and Cheerilee were friends for the next several years, but her being two years his senior was a big deal in adolescence, and so she never acted on their mutual attraction.  Big Mac had to assume adult responsibities early himself when he was orphaned, and Cheerilee went off to Canterlot for secondary school and college education.

Cheerilee had two serious lovers, the last of whom took advantage of her intelligence and affection for him to get uncredited academic work, then dropped her when she was no longer useful.  Cheerilee began herself to sink into alcoholism after this (it's a family genetic weakness through her mother) but snapped out of it when she woke up obviously having had sex with strangers at a party, as described in Hitting Rock Bottom.

She returned to Ponyville to take a job as elementary school teacher, the same job she has now.  She discovers that Big Mac, now full-grown, is immensely-well-liked, with a lot of young mares sighing after him, even though he doesn't seem to return their interest.  She is intimidated by this and decides that she shouldn't inflict her old feelings for him on her, especially as she feels guilty for first rejecting him and then making a hash of her own love life in Canterlot.

Big Mac, for his part, is intimidated by her education and responsibilities, and decides not to get hurt again:  she would obviously reject anypony who was just a simple apple farmer like himself, when she's had the chance to know the classy, educated Ponies of Canterlot.  So neither is willing to approach the other.

And so matters stand until "Hearts and Hooves Day."

Now, my version of what happened next would have had them slowly getting closer again, until they rekindled their love, and eventually got married, both of them realizing that they made mistakes and missed opportunities in the past but not letting this overshadow their future.

This is actually still possible even if I go with this episode.  Big Mac hasn't, after all, done anything irrevocable with Sugar Belle.

But it has become less probable.

II.  Marble Pie

Of course the Show had a mutual attraction spring up between Big Mac and Marble Pie in S5 E20, "Hearthbreakers."  One of my problems with "Hard To Say Anything" is that it forgets that this attraction was very obviously mutual, and that Apple Bloom was there (yet later seems not to remember it, a clear sign that the Writer didn't do the research on Big Mac).

Aside from that, it's not that much of a problem.  Marble lived far away, Big Mac had no particular excuse to keep coming back to the Pie Rock Farm, and both of them are horribly, painfully shy.  So it could be assumed that it simply died out due to lack of opportunity.  There's absolutely no reason to think that it ever went even as far as we saw things go with Big Mac and Sugar Belle.

III.  Other Big Mac Love Interests

Show has also depicted some other mares with possible mutual attractions with Big Mac:  Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.  Fluttershy is another very shy Pony, and she's canonically loved by Discord.  Pinkie Pie definitely seeemed to be warming up to Big Mac in "Apple Pie," but soon after this she meets Cheese Sandwich.  In neither case was there any clear evidence of romance.  So they can both safely be assumed to have lost interest.

IV.  Sugar Belle and Party Favor

However, in picking Sugar Belle as Big Mac's love interest, Writer picked a mare who actually has had another attraction hinted.  Not only was Sugar Belle (along with Night Glider) a member of Party Favor's little non-conformist group (she was hosting them in her cellar) but Party Favor actually subjected himself to abuse by Starlight Glimmer to shield her.  One might think that Party Favor and Sugar Belle loved one another.  I certainly thought this was a plot thread Show had started.

On the other hand, it's been over two years (my chronology) or almost a year (their chronology) since The Cutie Map.  Even if we assume that Party Favor and Sugar Belle fell in love with each other (debatable) there's no reason to assume that it necessarily worked out well.  Perhaps they quarreled, or simply found each other incompatible for some reason.

Conclusion:  The Question

So I'm stuck with the question of what future to write for Big Mac.  I'm going to stick with the backstory of his youthful friendship with Cheerilee.  But that doesn't  mean it has to work out between them as adults.  

Maybe past events have poisoned things too much between them, so they never take advantage of the opportunity the CMC originally gave them.  Maybe they did step out together or even spark for a while, but they gave up on it as a bad deal.

Remember, Big Mac is shy.  And Cheerilee -- while quite extroverted -- has to some extent given up on herself ever finding happiness.  And these are reasons why neither of them would necessarily make the first move.  And if neither does, then other situations are possible.

Marble Pie's no problem.  That never went beyond a holiday flirtation.  And here both of them are terribly shy.

And Show never picked up on what it started with Party Favor and Sugar Belle.

Or, I could flat out ignore the canon status of S7 E08, because it really is a terribly bad episode.  But I don't like doing that.

So what do you guys think?

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The episode can easily be seen as implying that Daybreaker was not only a creation of Starlight's dream, but a manifestation of Celestia's own fears. Daybreaker all but ignores Starlight in favor of talking to Celestia, appears to have intimate knowledge of Celestia's mind and powers, and Celestia appears to take the things she says personally. Hence it can be speculated that, due to her inexperience using dream magic, Celestia ended up mixing some of her own subconscious thoughts into Starlight's dream, leading to the manifestation of Daybreaker.

#1,012 · 2w, 1d ago · · ·

Hai there! :twilightsmile: I've noticed you looking at me~ :raritywink:

#1,011 · 2w, 2d ago · · ·

OK, listen up here, you should really slow down on Fluttershy's fics....

#1,010 · 4w, 6d ago · · ·

I also like how reality ensues as while Flurry is a  brainy baby but she still has physical and emotional limits on what she can do. Physically she has trouble doing things like just standing up or winking to do undeveloped coordination. Emotionally she doesn't grasp the full impact of her actions on others, as seen when she tries to solve the problem between Pound and Pumpkin but only makes things worse.

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