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The story of "Twilight's Kingdom" from Discord's point of view. Written as a prequel to "No Escape From Yourself."

Cover art from PonyChaos13's "7th Element Project", which predated "Twilight's Kingdom" but was shockingly prescient.

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I have very mixed feelings. I hate Discord here but I feel sorry for him at the same time.

You are one of the most talented authors on this website.

Excellently done thus far. You've taken a plot contrivance and turned it into a brilliant analysis of Discord's conflicting drives. This is definitely going to be good. I look forward to more.

(Also, it's a little thing, but I really like Pinkie's sense of duty. Pastry is serious business. Fun more so. Foalsitting most of all.)

I like the fact that Discord is basically doing this for friendship. It makes the importance Celestia put on Discord having a friend seem to backfire.

I've read all 4 below my comment and pretty much agree with all of them. I love how you're redoing the whole thing but adding some extra, and then letting us see what was going inside Discord's mind then, because we can't be sure the show itself will ever let us see exactly what he was thinking. I also love how Discord, despite his betrayal, obviously still have some sort of conscience; the part with poor Derpy was both sad and yet a little touching, if not also a bit alarming since no one wants poor Derpy scared. But it showed that it wasn't as if Discord didn't care about them at all, but has separate ideas and seems a bit at war with himself. Very excellent interpretation! I'll upvote and favorite! I look forward to more! :scootangel:

Yeah, that's exactly how I felt when I watched the episode. :-)

That's what I was going for-- that Discord, for all his selfishness and cavalier willingness to disregard everyone else's rights or desires, has an element of goodness in him, and Tirek does not. Their "friendship" would never have worked out in the long run even if Tirek had been sincere, because Discord considers ponies valuable, even if mainly as playthings -- and having been seduced to the friendship side of the force once, he has begun to develop a tiny bit of empathy that he can't entirely get rid of even when trying to be evil -- whereas Tirek is just a complete sociopath.

He did take a few minutes ahead of time to stop in on his favorite little ponies, and also Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash, to give them some advice

:rainbowlaugh: I laughed so hard after I read that!! XP

I like can't wait for the next part :rainbowkiss:

It wasn't real chicken. Discord had never actually been able to bring himself to kill animals and eat them, or to eat animals that others had killed, aside from certain categories of extremely stupid animals like crabs and spiders.

I though that he ate other animals when he was a child living in the wild?

Your story is great. It's breaking my heart. If the show had shown these thoughts, his idea that Tirek wouldn't betray him would have been less pathetic. Cant wait for the next part. :pinkiehappy:


Yes, he did... for one winter in early childhood, and he kind of hated himself for it at the time, so he's sort of blocked that out. Discord likes to remember things the way that makes him happiest, not necessarily the way that things actually happened. But he wouldn't know that he likes the taste of meat if it weren't for the fact that he did eat it. (There were also times I haven't gotten to yet in Last Draconequus when he was forced to eat meat but he's really worked hard at not remembering any of that.)

Most of Discord's life sucks. At least half of it is his fault, but it does stink

Yay! I've been waiting two hours for this chapter!...
Yea. :derpytongue2:

I love how you write Discord and his thoughts on death, and just Discord in general. You're really good at it, it's all coming together perfectly to go with the show. And I'm seriously interested in your theories on Discord and Celestia. I'm a fluttercord fan, but still, you have my interest on the two and how Discord feels now in regards to everyone. And you make it easier for us to still love Discord, because in truth, he is a little soft. He's still awesome with power and can be the most dangerous threat around if he wants, but he isn't ruthless. He's just chaos, and that's not even his fault. So yeah, I love this. You took a story that's been told and made it your own, into a story that we don't know all of yet. I have no idea if that just made sense, but there ya go anyway. ::derpytongue2:


Thanks. I'm a multi-shipper myself because I can't comprehend Chaos being limited to just one partner -- maybe one partner at a time, but depending on the partner, maybe not. :-) So I'm a past-Dislestia shipper and in the present I lean more toward Fluttercord... I see him more as friends with Pinkie and frenemies with Twilight. But I'm fond of all of those ships when they're done well.

I'm thinking that part of what I missed when I expanded from a synopsis-type thing to a story is that I should actually have shown the interaction between Celestia and Discord, because her behavior toward him is something we almost never see in the show and it's part of his reason why he chose to change sides. My feeling is, he exasperates her and gets under her skin like no one else can, because they were lovers and nothing can irritate you like an ex, especially an ex who spent centuries turning your country upside down and deliberately being an ass (or an ex who turned you into stone for a thousand years, for that matter.) She sees good in him, she wants to bring it out, she thought to give him this assignment at all because she feels he can be trusted with it... but she also doesn't do well at hiding her annoyance at his behavior, and she does behave as if his agreeing to do good was the equivalent of swearing allegiance to her nation and becoming one of her subjects, that she can give orders to. He doesn't take that so well.

4663871 Like an ex-wife that will post bail for you, but you still get into a giant screaming match every time you talk.

I kind of wish there was a fic out there where Discord captured Tirek as ordered, BUT kept his alicorn princess form and demanded a coronation.

Sweet Celestia, your descriptions on Discord's thoughts are so detailed and justified! :rainbowkiss: Must! Have! Next! Chapter!

My God, the details... Again. Awesome job, this would've been great in the episode! :pinkiehappy: Please update soon!

While I personally subscribe to the 'Discord planned the entire thing to get the box open' theory, this is an interesting take on it.

I also find it entertaining that Dash is calling him traitor, given that she betrayed the principles of Harmony in how she treated Discord. Loyalty and friendship go both ways. One single pony was willing to be his friend. To the rest, he was a monster, a slave, or a target for abuse:rainbowdetermined2:. And that single friendship was engineered specifically to be a leash.

Does a single friendship designed specifically to hold his emotions hostage entitle them to true loyalty?

I can see this actually happening off-screen during the episode.


To be fair, Discord is kind of a crappy excuse for a friend to the rest of them. Pinkie was genuinely willing to take care of him when he was faking being sick -- I get the impression that Pinkie really would like to befriend him, but can't tolerate his general meanness to her other friends. He went out of his way to ruin Twilight's day with Cadance, he got Rarity and Applejack sick just to get them out of the way so he'd have an excuse to ruin Twilight's day with Cadance, and we don't know what he gets up to most of the time. Friendship is a two way street, after all.

And Dash has no obligation to be loyal to him; I don't believe she's ever declared him to be her friend. Being someone who is very very loyal means you have to carefully pick who to be loyal to. That being said, being loyal to Fluttershy should have resulted in her treating Fluttershy's friend a little better; she doesn't have to be best buds with Discord, but the fact that she so blatantly despises him can't be helping matters.

Discord's no perfect angel, and it's actually quite understandable why most of them don't really want to be friends with him. And Fluttershy may have set out to befriend him in order to control him, but it's pretty clear she genuinely does care for and trust him from her reactions in this episode (and in Three's A Crowd.) So... does he owe his only friend any loyalty, given that she originally befriended him as a way to control him? Well, given that she is now genuinely his friend, and stands up for him when everyone else is accusing him, and takes care of him when he's sick... yeah, he owed Fluttershy more than he gave her. Did he owe Dash anything? No. But I think he owed Twilight, Pinkie and Cadance more than he gave them, based on their behavior in Three's a Crowd. They don't all treat him like a monster or a target for abuse.


Consider it a compliment that you painted him quite sympathetically.

And I reckon theres another jerkassery to go around.

Though touching on the Flu episode.. given that Cadence enjoyed their adventure and they had serious sister bondage time, as well as a chance to hit the Starswirl exhibit, I'd kind of chalk that one up as win for everyone. Cadence enjoyed her adventure, the lesser Princesses got a chance for some sister-sister bondage in, Discord's insecurities were mollified a bit and they still hit the Starswirl display iirc.

Dear Princess Celestia

Today I learned that you should treat any sentient life with a modicum of respect and friendship. Especially if they were once enemies who've been befriended and are very insecure about that friendship.

Also, by Royal Mandate Rainbow Dash is being enrolled in the Royal Sensitivity Training camp, which is right next to the Royal Fat Camp. There was a two for one deal so, knowing your fondness for cake, I also enrolled you in the Royal Fat Camp! See you in six months!

-Your Faithful Student and soon to be Princess-Regent, Twilight Sparkle.

P.S. Please tell Luna that Pinkie is almost done with the MMMMM mark 2 and that the Canterlot Cake Tasting party is a definite go.

I.. kind of went on a tangent there.

You are one of my favorite writers on this site, hands down. How you made this all work with an episode that any of us could go and watch right now, with your own written parts now shown, is a talent I never could have used myself. Amazing, amazing job. I love how Discord is in this chapter. I can't hate him, based on this, because, well, even though he did something horrible...As I've said before, you've incorporated a conscience and a small sense of loyalty to his ex-friends/Fluttershy into him without changing the fact that he betrayed and looked forward to Tirek's victory. You portrayed him as misguided/mean/chaotic/what-have-you enough to do something completely horrible, but still...changed. He's both his old self and his new self, and it's done flawlessly. I have no idea if that made any sense, forgive me, but basically I'm being blown away by your writing here.

4674943 I agree with everything this person said, and I'd only like to add that at the end of this, I hope we get to see Discord visiting Tirek back in Tartarus and gloating.


I think you meant to post this in response to the blog, and yes, I mean to get around to watching all the episodes eventually. But I have rather limited time to watch anything, unfortunately.

Aww, this part of the episode always gets me emotional... :applecry:

Ouch.:twilightoops: I hope that cliff wasn't to big for Spikes sake:trollestia:


For Spike's sake? He rode up it piggyback on Discord's shoulders. Discord did all the work.

That being said, dragons don't fall off mountains. Spike would have been fine to scale it himself, it just would have taken him about three times as long. A creature with teeth that can eat gems has claws that can totally dig into rock.

4694341 I'm assuming that Spike was still piggy back when discord teleported and is now falling in a cartoonish manor


Oh, that probably wasn't clear. They were both up and over; Discord wasn't going to hang on a cliff face any longer than he actually had to.

Your version is funny, and probably at any other time Discord would have done something like that, but at the moment he still feels far too guilty to play a prank like that.

What else to say other than it was brilliant?
Oh, and the peanut butter thing. That was great comedic relief, right there. I loved that.
Oh, and I also loved the subtle nod towards the hideousness of the Super Mane 6 With Big Hair and Wings and Stuff, suggesting the Tree was perhaps a bit chaotic itself. I never thought of the tree as an entity itself, and I love that concept. You're just great, just awesome.

The spike and discord interaction is very cute. It would be neat to read a AU where discord takes the tree's offer of taking laughter and loyalty. Would him and the royal sisters still be immortal? Would he and Luna still fall?

Awww, this chapter gave me feels :twilightsmile:
Thankyou for writing this, I enjoyed it.

waved at him wildly with a spatula in her hand

Her hand
Whoa, Pinkie's powers are even more terrifying than I thought.
That aside, it's pretty good, although now I burn with curiosity to see the long term effects of Discord's actions

D'awwww, Celestia hugged Discord. :yay:

I think you have the sequel numbers messed up. it has no escape from yourself listed as a sequel instead of a prequel.


No, this is correct. This story happens first.

In that case your description is messed up then

Written as a prequel to "No Escape From Yourself."

Yes. Traitor is the prequel; No Escape From Yourself is the sequel.

Ahhh, I'm so glad that there's a sequel. I've never wanted more in my entire life! (Well, maybe I have, but whatever!) I am so excited for it! I waited for the last chapter, excited to read it, and it was so fantastic and I loved it and thank you!!!

I really liked your story. I just had one question why did you never mention the flower scene at the end where discord gives celestia the flowers at the end? Not critizing I still love this fanfic. I just thought it would have been brought up


Because the entire party is part of the next chapter of the sequel.

Discord sat up, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes. "Wait, you're serious?" He goggled at her for a moment. "Let me laugh even harder, then!"

Well this felt more appropriate than the "kids" version we got from Hasbro but I don't completely fault the creators of the show to begin with since we are not the "official targeted audience" of the show to begin with.

Very sweet. In the sequel, didn't Discord go to the moon or something? Wouldn't that violate his probation?


He's off town arrest by then.

4727731 That was less than a month later! That Celestia, this is why I think of her as basically a giant Fluttershy.

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