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Really awesome and emotionally powerful and true to their characters.

Deeply powerful and true to form for Fluttershy. Thank you for it.

Discord is very fragile! You could break him!"

Right in the feels.

Fluttershy is definitely the stronger of the two and I don't think people realize that.

Also I completely forgot "nightmare" was my prompt word lol :facehoof:

Aw yes. Nothing like high quality feels in the morning!

So sweet… the feels hit me right :heart:

Fluttershy's really worried about being unable to protect Discord, not from the world's malice, but from her friends' carelessness. It makes me think that the real reason Fluttershy is determined to help Discord isn't because Princess Celestia asked her to, but because no one else would.

This is so fitting for her. Her fear comes in wanting to help him, to be there for him, but she worries she can't. Whether it's because of her friends not caring or whatever else. It totally got me in those feels.

Nice, heartwarming fanfic. Fluttershy's worries are touching. Though, in the show, the situation might change for good with Episode 22!

I think this is probably pre-Tirek, anyway; after they all more or less forgave Discord for betraying them, I'd think Fluttershy would be less worried about her friends inadvertently harming him through not caring.

Very well written- especially the nightmare segment. It felt exactly as it should, and the weight and meaning of everything that happened and was said within it was clear and of great significance. The way each character expressed their thoughts felt very much in character and logical (if exaggerated and made extreme by dream logic), and is very fascinating that Twilight dealt the final blow.
As a sucker for good symbolism, I absolutely love this story. Great work! :D

"Fluttershy, you need to come in," Twilight said. "It's dangerous out here in this meadow. Night's coming."

I don't know why, but I love this line. The double meaning of it is so... fitting. It brings such an air of impending doom, an uncertain but inevitable future if she chooses to remain in the wild. Like the electricity in the air before a heavy storm.

Amazing and heartbreaking, no pun intended. I feel like this is what Fluttershy must feel like when her friends doubted Discord all the time before the Tirek incident, and even after, during the ball :(

It works really well, and even just reading this I can see in my mind the nightmare unfolding. Great writing.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," she whispered. "I had a bad dream."
She felt Discord smiling from where his jaw laid against her mane, rather than seeing it. "Oh dear. Most ponies think of me as the cause of nightmares, not the cure."
"I don't care," she said, and pressed her face and muzzle into his chest so she wouldn't sob, because the reminder of how much other ponies didn't care about him reminded her of her dream, and even though he was obviously alive and safe, the memory still made her want to cry


I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you...they try to pull me away, but they don't know the truth...my hearts crippled by the - oh, sorry. :trollestia:

I really liked this because of the simplicity. It seems like many people are trying to come up with intricate stories full of too much detail. This is real short and sweet. Only problem I saw was not really even a problem:

Then Rarity was there. "Darling, I've heard you're being very rude today, and I've come to ask you to stop it."

I would change the way Rarity admonishes Flutters to something a little more than just, "stop it".

Other than that most excellent my friend!!!:pinkiehappy:

So glad you published this, it was too good not to. :heart:

:raritycry: THE FEELS!!! THIS STORY HAS MOVED ME TO TEARS. Bravo!!!:heart:

I think you really capture the uncomfortable situation Celestia and others have put Fluttershy in. They assigned her to reform Discord, hoping she would befriend him. And that's exactly what happened. But while others have written about how everyone uses Fluttershy as Discord's "leash" and how that affects Discord, you're the only author I can think of who has really dived into how that affects Fluttershy.

It's amazing how much depth you've given these characters, showing off completely new sides of them while still keeping them as close to the real ones from the show as possible, the nightmare showig off the worst in her friends and even Discord in this story was well fleshed out and if you look very carefully at how this is written you'll notice that the things that go bumb in the night is a direct flashback to the dream... I dunno I think it is anyway... still this story is beautiful


This is very heavy!


This is one of the best stories I've read and it does explore the unique position Fluttershy has been left in.

This does present another interesting view: How would the others handle it if they were in Fluttershy's position? As in being Discord's first and only friend and how said friendship is unique compared to the others and the feelings that come when trying to help him.


yeah that.

That's one way to see it.

How do you think Discord and the other Bearers would react to the dream if they ever find out?

Discord would laugh hysterically but secretly be touched.

Most of the Bearers would probably actually be offended that their friend thinks they might be so careless. Though Applejack, who's willing to look at harsh truths, might concede that she has a point -- the welfare of the world, the nation, and Fluttershy herself are a lot more important to the rest of the Mane 6 than Discord's welfare is, and that is a true fact. Twilight might also think about it enough to recognize where Fluttershy's getting it from.


7899670 Yeah, though this does raise the question on their individual relations with Discord, especially if we delve into how each of them would react if they were in Fluttershy's position as Discord's only friend while also feeling that the others may hurt him

I dont see how this is fluttercord seeing as she clearly hates discord with how she dreamed of him being killed and all.

Either you're a troll or you're amazingly stupid.

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