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Homura Akemi invades Equestria in hopes that it will be the utopia that Madoka deserves. But her dark magic creates an imbalance in their world that the princess cannot let roam free. The Equestrian world crumbles before them, and as it continues to fall, more secrets of Equestria past begins to reveal.
[Also just sort of seeing where this goes, it is a really bad description but I started a RP and then it stopped, but I still need my fix].
PS- this is in a novella rp style.

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Sorry, this was originally an rp between myself and a friend so the first few chapters are more descriptive and airheaded on the writer's part in comparison to writing a story as an actual story.
Essentially it is just role playing with responses that are minimum half a page to a maximum of around three to four pages, it is really fun!

Hm, not bad at all... Well, I'll bookmark this story and see where it goes.

"I don't think you will be able to defeat it"
Honestly, if we are talking about "demon Homura", then I don't think that even the elements of Harmony COMBINED with their 'Harmony forms' would be able to even make tickle on that monster.

Just wait to see what I have planned XD this is definitely a challenge but there is more than just conquering over one another that is at risk here ;)

I will be waiting for it.
After I posted my comment I read some of the next chapters, (haven't finish yet), but I must say that it was a genial idea to make Homura "doubtful" about her own intentions, that changes everything.

Yeah I know, like, this plot has to be justified not just friendship is magic the end - thanks for giving this a chance.

Hello I was wondering if you are going to put more chapter soon I really enjoy this series

I'm so sorry, I sort of went through a break down and then exams, but I am getting back to it :)

Oh that fine but what grade are you in

University XD (sorry for the bad grammar in the book btw, I re read some of the chapter last night and realized how tired i was when I wrote all of this XD still love it though). HBU

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