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Okay, I admit it, I'm probably not your mom. But odds are I'm old enough to be. Now with Patreon account (under alarajrogers) and short stories on Amazon (under Alara Rogers).


"Three's A Crowd" endcap. In which Discord hates his life, Cadance is a bit of a troll, and Twilight learns an important lesson about friendship and the concept of negative vs positive attention. Also, a draconequus makes a tolerable kite when necessary.

Progress Bar at my writing journal.

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I have no idea why the other two idiots downvoted your story. This is one of the best examples of a filler fiction that I've ever read. The TV episode never explained how Cadance and Twilight got Discord back, or why they decided to help him again in the first place after what he did. You explained it well.

And Cadance trolling Discord and teasing Twilight at the same time was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

The private conversation between Cadance and Discord was extremely insightful both from a character and from a philosophical viewpoint. I don't know if in the most probable continuity Discord loves Twilight, but I do think he likes her. She's one of his most fun ponies with whom to play, from his point of view. And I also think he actually respects her (to the extent that he respects anyone).

I'm really enjoying how your working this angle/interaction that Discord has with Cadance and I don't recall reading many fics where Cadance and Discord have any significant interaction Discord so please keep the chapters coming!

It's not love as we know it, but it's certainly somewhere around there.

Always good to see new work to read. Keep it up, dear.:twilightsmile:


Eh, I get this on almost any even vaguely shippy story. Usually within the first ten minutes of posting it, so I get the idea that someone just goes around downvoting either everything that's not their ship, or any ship with Discord at all. The only stories I have where I feel like the downvotes might be legitimate are "Hit Me" (because there's only one, and one person disliking a story is perfectly normal), "I Could Be Again" (because it is way too tell-not-show, and also, some folks just don't like the notion of Discord and Q being the same character), and "Discord in Hell" for kind of obvious reasons. Everything else, the downvotes are obviously connected to shipping, because I get two-three downvotes on a story that I know for a fact isn't of significantly different quality than a story without any shipping that got no downvotes at all.

This is one of the reasons the concept of anonymous, easy downvotes pisses me off, for fiction at least. It's kind of needed for comments. But I personally think you should be forced to enter some sort of reason before you can click the downvote, because if some people downvote for Wall Of Text and "my eyes they burn," and some people downvote for Gary Stu the Alicorn, and some people downvote for "waah I don't like your ship"... then the concept of the downvote becomes meaningless.

Re the story. As soon as I started putting some thought into the aftermath of that episode, I realized -- how the hell did they get him back, and why would they? I mean, I made up the part about the medal and the chariot vanishing when he got sick, but after coming out all that way towing that huge monstrosity I couldn't see them wanting to tow it all the way back. And the coincidence of Discord getting the exact same kind of sickness he's been pretending to have, after having been caught out faking, is ridiculous (which in my head means it's not a coincidence at all, but that doesn't automatically mean it's something Discord's done on purpose... however, I think under the circumstances Twilight would strongly consider that a possibility.) So that was one of my primary inspirations for the story (along with coming up with an entertaining explanation for "TWILIGHT TWILIGHT PAY ATTENTION TO ME TWILIGHT OVER HERE YOU CAN'T MISS ME I'M TEN FEET TALL AND EXTREMELY ANNOYING"... which you're right, doesn't have to be that he's actually in love with Twilight, just that he really really really wants her to pay attention to him, but I'm a Picard/Q shipper so of course that's the first place my head goes. :-))


I find Twilight loveable, especially from the viewpoint of someone super-intelligent or extremely powerful, because she could actually relate to them. That's one reason I shipped her with Luna, though since I think they're both mostly straight I had to come up with a specific explanation for it. (I have problems with believing that Everypony Is Bi).

I notice I got a lot of downvotes on just the first chapter of Corruption at Nightfall, which kind of scared me -- the first chapter was meant as character introduction and mood-setting. I introduced four of the five characters I meant to be important in the tale: Prince Crimson Quartz (future Sombra), Prince Morion Quartz, Lady Tourmaline and Princess Luna, and gave them some interactions. Heck, the chapter ends with Crimson just seven years old! Yet something about my chapter got me 6 upvotes and 4 downvotes, which is a higher down percentage than I've ever seen.

Now this worries me because in future chapters I'm planning on having (though some of it offstage) military atrocities, at least two murders (one of them a kinslaying), one rape (of a very sympathetic character), a significant mutilation, civil war, demonic summoning, a Reign of Terror, betrayal, and the corruption by various means (including sexual seduction) of one of my favorite characters in the MLPverse. Oh, and the last half of that nasty list gets done by my Used To Be A Sweet Colt protagonist, who fails in the end. (There's a reason it has "Dark" and "Tragedy" tags). How many fans am I going to offend when I do all that?


Is it simply a heavy focus on OC's? Does every freaking thing written about this universe need to be mostly about characters already shown on screen?

Well you do a pretty good job writing not just this chapter but the first one as well and I must say this is the first time I actually read something you write and I'm very happy because the plot is quite good write and is very realistic with the relationship between Twilight and Discord and I love this two chapters, I hope to read a third one soon. One more thing I think saying "Harmonic" magic is quite wrong, Harmony means balance the concept of Harmony that most of the ponys in Equestria have is wrong they see Order as Harmony but Order is quite the opposite to Harmony mostly because Harmony must mean the balance between Order AND Chaos while Order means absolute control of everything that exist in the world


No, it's quite intentional. I mean harmonic magic, not "orderly magic", because that is a contradiction in terms. Magic is chaos, inherently. Note that when Twilight undergoes a surge of magic while trying to hatch a dragon egg, she accidentally turns her parents into plants, hatches the egg and makes it grow into a giant dragon, and all sorts of other chaotic effects. On a regular basis, Twilight causes as much chaos as Discord does, she just doesn't do it on purpose -- she's so powerful that her power gets out of her control, often, and when it does, chaos ensues. Harmonic magic is magic controlled by order, but because magic is chaos, it's harmonic, not ordered -- chaos controlled by order is harmony. There's no such thing as "orderly magic" because Order, as a force, opposes Magic. And that's why the ponies worship Harmony, not Order.

The main difference between Chaotic magic and Harmonic magic is that there's no such thing as chaos spells. Harmonic magic lends itself to techniques intended to control and harness magic to produce consistent results. By filtering the magic through such controls, it is seriously weakened. Discord is mostly immune to harmonic magic unless it's enormously powerful because his chaos disrupts the control strictures, causing the magic to dissipate; however, extremely powerful sources of harmonic magic (like the Elements) can impose harmony on his chaos, disrupting his powers, which is why he can't fight against spells powered by the Elements of Harmony.

The power of pure Order destroys magic. In my universe, Discord destroyed the Order Avatar, who was a living crystal mountain, and scattered her pieces throughout the world. Some part of her may have influenced Sombra. Since the Order Avatar was attempting to impose laws of physics on the world that would have overwritten the existence of magic, causing the whole world to function like ours does and be magicless, Discord more or less saved the world by doing this although his reasons were mostly selfish. So now there are only two avatars, Chaos and Harmony. But Order existed as a separate third force, and Harmony would have been as opposed to the Order Avatar as it is to the Chaos Avatar. (I'm getting into this whole thing much more in a series called "Elements of Opposition", but it's a dark fic with graphic torture so it's not everyone's cup of tea.)

3944324 Well I must say that explanations made just perfect sense when you say that Magic is Chaos and in the whole plot is pretty easy to understand, you have quite a unique way to see the whole world you write about, I like your way to see the whole balance between Order and Chaos

I love this so much!!!ITS SO AWESOME!/)^3^(\
When's the next update? I need MORE!!! :O

Still want that update!!:D

Dammit, why can I only upvote this once?

And please take note, this is not a case of fan gushing or anything idiotic like that, it's a case of finding two very different reasons in two very different chapters for appreciating something.
I am now mad.

The twitch in her left front hoof had told her yesterday that Discord was faking it, so she'd let him distract her with a balloon, because if she'd pushed and insisted on being the one to take care of him he would probably have done something to her more annoying than giving her a balloon to chase.

That is a very good explanation for what we saw on the show. I always assumed that Pinkie was just playing along, for one reason or another. Her original distraction by the balloon (before Discord showed up) was obviously meant to be funny -- also, Pinkie really didn't want to try to keep bouncing after that train all the way to Western Equestria! :pinkiesmile:

because how can you party all the time if you're married?

A potential answer to this question has materialized, but of course that hasn't happened yet.

Hmmm that's actually an interesting take that Pinkie Pie has on Discord's question on who is the opposite of him but nonetheless I'm glad this got updated and I look forward to more chapters.

At first I really, really loved the non-stop madness of Discord and Pinkie Pie holding a conversation, :pinkiehappy: but then I realized that you were setting up for another reveal of Discord's feelings toward a certain lavender pony and I was all :pinkiegasp:

So glad to see more of this! :twilightsmile:

Excellent! Keep updates coming! Great take on Pinkie!!! XD! :pinkiesmile:

I want to write a better comment later, as this was the character interaction I was most highly anticipating reading from you, but for now all my twitter pated brain can think of is;

"Man, alara REALLY has a desire to tickle omnipotent brings who are voiced by John de lancie, doesn't she?" XD


You have found my not-so-secret fetish. :-)

Seriously, it's just John de Lancie, I don't know why. I'm not ticklish myself and I have no desire to see Magneto or Xavier or any of my non-chaotic favorites get tickled. It's just Q and Discord. Maybe because they are so totally asking for it. :-)


I still wonder what happened to poor AJ and Rarity after we saw them last.


In the original episode I think that they were just made temporarily ill by Discord, which was cruel because they were trying to help him, but hey, it's Discord we're talking about here. I'm guessing the same thing happened here, with Pinkie avoiding it by deliberately taking Discord's bait-balloon.


Yes. Since we saw them get sick and then we saw they were all better when we saw Discord in the bubble, I figured he just got them sick temporarily to get them out of his way.

In this story, they got sick, Discord left to find Twilight, Pinkie returned with her balloon, and she took Applejack and Rarity to Fluttershy's house because Fluttershy "has all the good medicine". She then took care of them for about two hours, at which point the blue flu spontaneously cleared up without warning, proving that it was a spell of Discord's and not a real illness, but by that time Cadance and Twilight had already left for the "ends of Equestria".

WOW! That conversation was....chaotic. :pinkiehappy: {I always felt like Discord could be something of a fun-loving Uncle to Pinkie. That's how I feel about their relationship.}

And a good explanation about what Pinkie was doing in the episode. Makes sense and is now my headcannon.

You need to be careful, they're gonna come and take your chaos license away if you do that too much.

Is this the same "they" who are so often quoted? :raritywink:

In any case, as always, you write a magnificent Discord, and here you've done an equally excellent Pinkie. This is some top-shelf banter right here. Indeed, this entire story is basically just "Really Good Characterization: Horsewords Edition." Eagerly looking forward to more.


Yikes, poor Discord. And yeah, that disease was terrifyingly quick. The Blue Flu is understandable, Discord made it, but the green? Yikes.

And Cadance trolling with BDSM:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Finally! A story where I can feel bad and laugh at Discord's pain equally!

Wow, Cadance saw right through him. And poor Discord, conflicting like that. Though knowing a bit more of how Celestia 'abandoned' him from Not the Hero... well, yeah.

Wow, I don't even know what to say. That was... probably the best Pinkie conversation I've ever seen. Probably cause it was with Discord. Bravo.:pinkiehappy:

Hmm. I do hope Discord made sure to make Applejack and Rarity non-contagious. After all, if the blue flu hasn't been seen in centuries, then a Ponyville pandemic wouldn't be out of the question.

Discord's definitely right about Pinkie's mane. Delve not into such matters, Twilight Sparkle, lest they consume thee as the Queen in Pink consumeth sweetmeats.[/luna]

It's nice to see Spike and Cadance interacting. Really, I just like seeing any pair of characters who don't see each other much to interact.

I do like how considerate Pinkie is being. Making special chaotic donut holes, using her sickie expertise, keeping Discord entertained... Really, this would be much worse for everyone involved if she weren't here.
Of course, that's not helping when Twilight's demanding tissue samples. Discord's probably having flashbacks to the worst parts of his youth, and she doesn't even realize how or why she's terrifying him. Really, this whole chapter demonstrates why Discord thinks Twilight utterly despises him. Of course, he hasn't really given her any reason not to, and he doesn't see why he should. That assumption is just feeding back on itself in a self-perpetuating cycle of resentment, which doesn't come as a surprise. Principle of Disharmony and all.

In all, an entertaining chapter with some nice depths. Looking forward to more.

Hmm, Discord's afraid of needles? Wonder what's up with that.

I do love your Pinkie Pie. Interesting to see that Discord, underneath all his sarcasm and jokes, is actually really embarrassed about bodily functions. It's a reminder that he comes from an earlier, uptight age.

It's not so much that he comes from an earlier, uptight age; it's rather likely that in the era he grew up in, more ponies were comfortable with bodily functions, because there were fewer homes with running water. It's that all his socialization comes from either being treated as an animal, or being raised in a palace. Discord is more uptight than ponies are about any behavior that would seem to mark him as an animal. Also, some of it is the contradiction with his persona; he rearranges his body parts for fun to shock ponies into thinking he has no physicality, he refers to himself as the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, he'll take his brain or his heart out of his body and then put it back for a joke... and now here he is, stripped of magic, reduced to the same bodily functions ponies have. Discord would be perfectly happy to use bathroom humor in a situation where he's controlling the narrative, but here, he doesn't want to pee because it's funny, he wants to pee because he has to, and that humiliates him.

5750317 It's true what they say, Doctors and Chaos Lords make the worst patients.

I will admit I'm more of a Fluttercord than Diskolight, but this is pretty good. Very well-written and great characters (he, almost wrote chaos).

One thing I take issue with is how Discord brushes off Pinkie and Fluttershy, like Pinkie is fake (I hate that idea, she may be more complex than what she looks, but why does everyone seem to want there to be something more "normal" beneath?) and like Fluttershy isn't truly Discord's friend or that she is just there because of a pathological need to fix everyone who seems broken. It seems simply disrespectful to the characters to portray them like that.

Then again, if I tell myself Discord is simply being flippant because of his mood, then I can live with it.

Pinkie has made a conscious choice to prioritize and foreground the positive aspects of her own character. Discord doesn't like this because it reduces her apparent complexity (and also reduces the disharmony she could otherwise generate), but that's Discord's opinion. Pinkie hasn't dumbed herself down; she's suppressing a lot of her negative emotions, but she's doing it in a way that's reasonably healthy for her. My evidence for this is that it takes very, very little to convince Pinkie that no one likes her or wants to be friends with her despite the fact that she is literally friends with everyone in Ponyville; she was almost driven to leave Ponyville by Cheese Sandwich outshining her temporarily, and she fell into full-on depression, possibly even psychosis depending on whether or not she believed the rocks were her friends or if she was just pretending, in Party of One. Pinkie has a lot of anxiety, and powerful emotional needs that are not easy to meet. But she chooses to emphasize the positive in her own life, not to dwell on what makes her unhappy. (Discord's being hypocritical here because he does the exact same thing -- by refusing to think about the past and focusing on what's going to amuse him right this minute, Discord suppresses a lot of his own anxieties and sorrows. But Discord, at least, lets himself feel a wider range of negative emotion than Pinkie does... because Pinkie has figured out that negative emotion feeds on itself and doesn't lead to a positive outcome for anyone.)

Discord is wrong about Fluttershy. Keep in mind she is his first friend since becoming the chaos avatar, and the only being he's willing to retroactively acknowledge as a friend (technically in my universe he was friends with Celestia and Luna, but he considered them family and thus removed them from the category of friend, much like Shining Armor, Cadance and Spike weren't "friends" back when Twilight didn't think she didn't need friends). He's been hated for what he is for all of a very long life, so he has a lot of problems believing Fluttershy is genuine. Initially I think he wasn't even sure she liked him at all, and thought maybe she might be pretending to keep him in line; now he accepts her friendship as genuine but isn't sure her reasons for it have anything to do with him. Fluttershy has actually told him why she likes him for himself, in so many words, but he can't bring himself to fully believe her.

And I ship both Discolight and Fluttercord (and Dislestia for that matter), because my Discord is polyamorous, so the fact that he has a crush on Twilight doesn't mean he doesn't love Fluttershy. But Fluttershy is paying attention to him and Twilight isn't, so right now, he's trying to pursue Twilight and become closer to her (he doesn't believe she can love him anyway, he just wants her to be his friend... and he's incredibly stupid about how he goes about it.)

"But of course you know that's all it was, because talk of draconic beings falling in love with alicorns is quite silly, isn't it?"

Doubly funny because both of the draconic beings in the room are sexually attracted to Ponies. Just not, particularly, to Cadance. :rainbowlaugh:

The fact that she specified alicorns makes it a pointed comment at Discord specifically; Discord might have been teasing Spike by implying he's romantically involved with Cadance, but because Cadance says alicorns, not ponies, Spike isn't going to take it as "your interest in Rarity is silly" (since he doesn't know the subtext that makes the concept not silly at all, he'd take the comment seriously.)

If Fluttershy were here, or Rarity, or probably even Applejack, they would totally pick up on what Cadance is blackmailing Discord with (though they might assume the alicorn in question is Celestia), but Twilight has Aspergers' and needs things spelled out unless she knows there's supposed to be subtext to analyze, and Pinkie is probably honestly interpreting it as a joke, assuming she even heard it, and Spike's too young to think about the fact that Discord has a romantic life too (almost no thirteen year old has ever wanted to think about the bedroom habits of old men :-)).

Is this ever going to update? >.> It's so very well-written, and it's just so sad that it might not update... :(

It's so very, very good! I mean, I love that you stick to their characteristics and who they are. And how they are changing little by little. it's amazing!!!

I update everything eventually.

^^ sorry, I just got really excited about your story. It really is good~ thank you for the reply

When is the next update? This story is really good. I must read more!

I'm hoping to get back to it soon, because sick Discord is really fun when he gets whiny. :-)

pretty good for a filler Chapter.as for discopie......................er, no thank you I don´t wanna think of what the kids could be capable of *Shuders* but I like them as friends

about the pee and poo thing. how old are you?? really.
my headcanon is that Discord doesn´t REALLY need to eat, he just does it because he wants to. and thus he no need no bathroom.

Heisthe lordofchaos

He never saves the day

And if you want him to you´ll have a price to pay

that´s why the people of




I always DID wanted to see a Cadance&:moustache: interaction


my headcanon is that Discord doesn´t REALLY need to eat, he just does it because he wants to. and thus he no need no bathroom.

My Discord is a physical, biological entity when he's not fully suffused with and in full control of the powers of chaos. So most of the time, he doesn't need to eat or use the bathroom either, but when he was a child before he came into his full power, and when he's sick or has lost his power, he's still a physical being and if he can't use his magic for his physical needs, he's still got them.

But yeah, the entire reason he's embarrassed about this, given his lack of concern for societal taboos, is not that poop and pee are gross -- gross is funny, and Discord is all over funny. It's because they're a painful reminder that right now, he's quite possibly mortal, no more godlike than the average pony, and this is very embarrassing to him.

6472394 wow, you´re good.............how come you´re not updating much? I don´t wanna sound annoying but just asking

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