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Fanfiction ideas and Insecure Rambling. Discopie is kind of my Thing, although that's not all I'm about. (*mumbles*...most of the time...)


day of the pink draconequus · 4:08pm Nov 21st, 2014

a while ago alara-sama had an idea for a fic involving the concept that draconequui are brood parasites, like cuckoos, depositing their young/eggs to be raised by other species. this enabled the idea that pinkie pie was actually a draconequus larva. alara's version involved a lot of political drama about draconequui having been hunted to extinction by ponykind and mobs calling for pinkie's execution because all draconequui are evil

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1440366 well, I recognized you from derpibooru, so that helped :)

Thanks for the watch! I'm honored to be in your first ten. :pinkiehappy:

1246487 I'm just happy seeing you have a Fimfiction xD

1246453 ahh cool. Yay you found me? Don't hold your breath waiting for me to publish anything.... :P

1245087 needthatchaos on Tumblr my dear. ~bows~

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