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New fic! Is this a sin? · 12:03am Oct 27th, 2023

I posted it on another site, but I'm not sure whether to post it here, too... oh well! It's a Gildash, for the connoisseurs :ajsmug:


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Story Progression

A Ponytones fic
Outline - 60%
(The overall theme and idea)
Writing - 5% ~300 words
(The beginning)

A one-shot, in desperate need of editing, but soon to be published~!

An AU clopfic featuring bondage and femdom!

Another new story, but not sure how it'll go. Possibly a bit of clop. Two potential chapters, about 600 words each.

New story, a possible one-shot. F/F. Totally in its embryonic stage.
~900 words

New story! Hint: Trixie in a schoolfilly's uniform.
Outline - 70%
(I have a rough idea, and how it'll flow)
Writing - 35% ~2000 words
(The beginning)

The Great And Powerfully Gravid Trixie!
Outline - 100%
Writing - 75%
(Almost done!) Done!

"Three Steps Back"
....it's done! It's complete! I don't know what to do now!

Sequel to "Breaking the Sound Barrier" ~ on delay for the moment, but not forever BACK ON IT!
Outline - 75%
(I know how it'll go, more or less)
Writing - 60%
(Greasing out the kinks)

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2358960 Oh wow really? Well, you're welcome haha. I kinda look forward to seeing that one, I do like the Ponytones. Torch Song and Toe-Tapper have nice designs. And then there's this that makes me think more about them haha:
Thankfully, I only have one more left before I'm home.


Thanks! I haven't actually worked on that fic for awhile, but thanks for reminding me :twilightsmile: Best of luck on your finals!

Wow. I disappear a long time and I miss A TON!
Holy crap. I have some catching up to do on some of my favorite stories.... After finals :raritydespair:. It's nice to see you're doing well though!

Also, that Ponytones fic, can't wait to see that ;)

2289026 I can just hear the baby, doing the same thing.
You have fucked up now.
Now you have fucked up.

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