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Flam's life has gotten complicated. His brother is a mess, his marefriend is overly emotional, and the only thing he can do to restore his sanity is to take a long walk. Unfortunately, he finds himself on the brink of a horrible past mistake...

(This can be a sequel, or a prequel, or an at-the-same-time-as fic for Three Steps Back. You don't necessarily have to read it to understand what's happening here.)

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Good one-off Sue, wonderful combination of conversation and introspective description. :twilightsmile:

Woop! You never disappoint, do ya, Susie? And I love how wonderfully in character you got Cranky. *high fives*

Nice. Makes me wish Flam had been at the wedding, next to the changling.


Cranky was SO much like my grandfather that getting his 'voice' wasn't too hard :raritywink: One of the many things I love about fanfic is that you can let characters cuss if they feel like it.


Why next to the changeling? Because they're both persona non grata equi non grati?

6176070 Pretty much. Though now that I think about it, if I was a changling who didn't really understand pony society, I might try and find a cunning traveling salespony, offer my empathic services in exchange for a cover, and pass myself off as his identical twin, so there's an easy template to copy at hand at all times...


Someone should write that.


A different URL for that song:

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