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If you liked the idea of a Con Man and a Librarian, but with a farmer in the librarian's shoes, then this is the group for you!

A group dedicated to celebrating and promoting Flimjack in all its facets. Come and chat or put your stories in the appropriate folders. Discuss, self-promote, share art and anything else you can think of as long as it's Flimjack related.

The Top Two Flimjack Shippers: Cora Zone Unicorn and Zee Dee

Flim and Applejack's Song


1. Respect each other at all times and and in all situations. Don't go arguing with or hating on another person, group, story, or ship simply because you don't agree or like it. That's childish, and it WILL get you banned from the group.

2. No cursing or crude language is permitted. Just because you are comfortable with it does not mean everyone is. Let's be considerate of others and keep the threads everyone rated.

3. Tag all threads or they will be deleted. I ain't gonna put up with your laziness. It takes like two seconds.

For example, [Discussion] How did they fall in love?

4. Read the folders carefully! Put them in as many folders as are applicable, but make sure they belong in that folder before you throw it in there.

5. If you use artwork in ANY of your threads or comments, you WILL cite the author and link to them. I have a zero tolorance policy where that is concerned. Artists put a lot of love, time, and effort into their work. Using it without citing them is wrong.

6. Where stories are concerned, ALL story artwork should have permission from the artist to use it as a cover and a CLEAR citation. Actual permission, not you just citing them.

7. I really hope I don't have to tell you folks this, but, no foalcon or non-consensual sexual acts. There are special interest groups for those type of stories if that's your thing.

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I LOVE this shipping so much!
I first watched a Audio drama then I loved the shipping, then found the story on here!:scootangel:

i like this ship because it is an opposites attract situation and i like those kinds of ships

Comment posted by Nutmeg Sweet FiM deleted Jan 17th, 2016
Comment posted by Nutmeg Sweet FiM deleted Dec 20th, 2015

404144 Er. . .to be artsy? :twilightblush:


No problem. No can someone explain to me why their faces are erased up above?? :rainbowlaugh:

404132 Ah, alright. Thanks for explaining. X3


It's a reference to The Music Man, where a conman falls for a librarian.

I don't exactly understand that little excerpt about the librarian. :rainbowhuh:

This ship needs more recognition

Comment posted by SusieBeeca deleted Aug 9th, 2014
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