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Nutmeg Sweet FiM

I am an artist and a YouTuber. I love the movie Labyrinth, and I am working on a Pony Fic based on it. I have two OTP's : Flimjack and Cheesepie. I am still very new to FimFiction but that's fine.


Cover Art Needed!! · 9:01pm Jan 16th, 2016

I am creating a story called "Labyrinth" based on the movie of the same name.

it will feature:
Fluttershy as Sarah
Sombra as the Goblin King
Scootaloo as Toby
Discord as Hoggle
a Manticor as Luto (or whatever it's name is)
Crystal Ponies as Goblins
Winnona as that fox dude (can't remember his name)

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A Bit More About Me

I love MLP (Well Duh) Doctor Who, Minecraft, LPS, PPG, Teen Titans Go, you get the picture. I am always down for a good dance battle. I wish smoking was illegal, mostly because I have asthma. I am obsessed with the antagonists of the show, and my faves are Discord and the Flimflam Brothers, witch is weird because they are guys and I'm a girl. Of course, ILoveKimPossibleAlot is obsessed with Discord, so... yeah.

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