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This is a group for ships you probably won't find anywhere else! Anyone can join and post their random ships here!

-Absolutely NO clopping.
-No stories that focus solely on common ships, such as Twilight X Celestia, Bon Bon X Lyra, Big Mac X Fluttershy, etc.
-Please make up original ships, and please be as random as possible in making them up!
-You may have stories that include common ships, but it must also be made up of very unusual ships.

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I recently came up with a ship that I looked up and found no results: Lyra and Fluttershy.

Rainbow dash and countess coluratura. Boom.

Comment posted by Nutmeg Sweet FiM deleted Jan 5th, 2016

Ooh! Ooh! Featherweigh and Silver Spoon would be random, right? (hopeful face) :derpytongue2:

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