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Pinkie Pie is best pony! Any fanfic containing Pinkie is allowed here.

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Okeley. dokeley; prepare for the entrance of Dr. Pi, the pink mare that defies all definitions.
Be amazed by all the funny, crazy, insane and utterly useful antics, old as Celestia, to the very latest(including the Transformer gag)!

375596 It came out, but I don't know if I saw the real deal, too much of the promos are not in it.

375652 sounds about right. Rainbow Rocks, as the title suggested. Now we expect something just as Cool and Awsome.

If this is the groop where all Pinkie Pie's are cool, then I have to be here.

Maybe posting a few of my stories along the way.

Of course, I have several stories, featuring Pinkie Pie in roles from Cameo to Queen. sounds interesting? If so, let me know?

375596 Can't wait to read it when it does! :pinkiehappy:

As soon as Rainbow Rocks comes out, I have a fic in mind :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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