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A group for readers who have genuinely been confused by a story.

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361155 Thank you. 'My friend' and I appreciate it very much. :twilightsmile:

And now it has been reviewed and a discussion thread is open to whoever wishes to discuss your story.

361107 Said story has been added to the folder.

I really don't want to see anypony else getting confused by this story. I shall do everything in my power to mend or prevent any confusion this fic may have caused. The confusion has to stop!

Well your friend could add the story to one of our folders and then we could read it and talk your friend through what is confusing him/her.

Let's say I have a friend who has been brought to the brink of confusion by a story he read. He was so confused, in fact, that he even attempted to commit a comment about it.

What can this group do to alleviate the confusion menace?

361068 And I'm confused by what you said.

Soon, there will be no idea that won't be named by a group...

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