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Anyone ever wonder, where did that pony come from, or why is he/she the way they are? If you have, look no further, and if you haven't, well, why not check it out anyway? This is the group for any story concerning how a character (pony or otherwise) was created, and why they are what they are.

A few rules before you add:

1. Please only post stories that well, concern a back story. By my definition a back story is a story showing the past of a pony, before the show(or season in which they appear) happend.

2. Please put fics in the correct folders. I won't explain it to far after that, it's pretty straight forward. Also, yes, fics can go in multiple folders.

3. Only Teen and Everyone rated fics. Lets try and keep this a group for everyone.

4. Keep the forum appropriate. Also, please no role-playing.

Alright, now that you've read the rules(You read them RIGHT), go post, read, and/or have fun!

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