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This is a group dedicated to Celestia stories. But we don't have arbitrary rules like "No Trollestia" or "No Molestia" or "No Tyrantlestia" or "No fic that doesn't contain a Celly that fits canon because she is my waifu and to make her look bad is Heresy and all Heresy must be purged by Celly's sun because I can't accept that there are different versions of her! What! Why are you looking at me like that! I'm not crazy! I'M NOT CRAZY!" :trollestia:

So yeah... just put any story containing Celestia in this group. Everything is allowed so long as it involves Celly.

Hell, even NLR fics are allowed.

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This will be resolved as soon I have access to a device that can facilitate editing groups.

Using a phone sucks.

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