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OTP: Rarijack ... "A good book makes you want to live in the story. A great book leaves you no choice."

Caniville's Bucket List [2/12]

1. Publish a story.
2. Publish ten stories. (2/10)
3. Publish fifty stories. (2/50)
4. Finish a story.
5. Have all my stories finished at the same time for at least half a second.
6. Make a group.
7. Get two hundred likes on a story.
8. Write a one shot short story.
9. Get fifty members in my group.
10. Write alternate endings to ten episodes of the show. (0/10)
11. Get fifty followers.
12. Get two hundred followers.

Awesome Stories I Love

I took a personality quiz!

Rainbow Dash
Hot-headed, fast and heroic- you can count on this pony to save the day! They have a strongly independent and free-spirited attitude towards life, living by their own rules. They like to make their mark and try to keep up an impressive public image, even if their confidence isn't always high. Sports, arcade games or contests are highly appealing to Rainbow Dash's competitive nature. If they're a popular pony (which is likely), they will forever remain loyal to their friends because they never forget what is truly important.

Cutie Mark: Rainbow thundercloud, representing an enigmatic personality.

Best Princess

My Very Favorite Stories, Please Read

Rarijack (My OTP!)

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1736262 I'm good! How are you?

Thanks for the watch!!!!

Thanks for the watch.

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