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“The Ministry of Morale is more than just throwing parties for foals who’ve been good, it’s more than just laughing at everything that passes by, and its more than just smiling for the sake of smiling.

It’s making ponies laugh and smile and experience the happiness that we had before the war! It’s about making everypony happy. Unicorns, pegasi, earth ponies, coming together in friendship and laughter! Showing off a smile that’s all their own!

We can’t forget what we strive to do-

Bring back joy!

To all of Equestria! Everypony, everywhere! Remove the fear from their hearts and put a good, old smile on their face! That’s our purpose!”

~ Pinkie Pie, Mare of the Ministry
Founder of SMILEs

This is a group for SMILES and creating them!!!

*Starlight Shadow

SMILE Carriers--

We need more SMILE carriers! Apply to become a carrier today! Just go here to learn how!

A SMILE Carrier is somebody who goes out of their way to make others feel good! Whether they do this by giving a selfless watch, a heartfelt fave on a first story, or through a personal message, the joyous effects are felt by all.
SMILE is what we stand for here! It simply means--

Likable and

I'd suggest taking a peek over here and you'll find an even deeper meaning!

Go here for SMILE Carrier rules!
Go here for thread rules! (C'mon, you can post a thread about ANYTHING! Why don't ya go for it?!)

Don’t have the time to become a SMILE Carrier? Don’t worry! You can still help us by finding new ways to bring cheer to sad faces!

Have any funny pictures guaranteed to bring a smile to a frowny face? Put ‘em in this thread!

Super-duper-amazing videos that people will adore? Put ‘em on this thread!

Music?! That makes EVERYONE smile!! Put your happy-happy-joy-joy music in this thread!

Are you one with words? Super happy poetry goes on this thread!

Remember, we are always there for anyone sad! If you’re feeling glum, don’t be afraid to talk to us! We care about your feelings, and everyone else’s, too! Busting out in a super fun song isn’t always the answer, but lots of us can relate to a bad day. You can make a thread, if you want lots of advice, or you can PM any of our SMILE Carriers. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to smiles!

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I take it that our alignment is Lawful Smile.

So much swag! :pinkiegasp: :rainbowkiss:
SWAG PARTAY!!! :rainbowwild:

353032 I made the banner. :raritywink: And I'll be right back with a matchin' image!

353031 Where did you get the banner? And can you get the image at the top of the description's Ministry of Image version? That would be fabulous. :raritywink:

353028 It did mainly propaganda. Check over here for more in-depthness! I guess to put a spin on that you could make it self-advertisement and a LOT of Rarity! Contests would be cool too!

353026 Then let's get started. *rubs hands together* Like I said, I haven't read the entirety of FoE, so you'll have to help me with the description if that's alright. :twilightblush:

I would be happy to create the Ministry of Image, if that's alright with you. (I haven't read the entirety of FoE, so you'll have to help me with it.)

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