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Celebrate Your Writing!!! Have fun!

Have you ever written a fan fic only for the entertainment of yourself or others? Not caring about whether or not every drop of perfection that could be squeezed into it was? Not caring about or fearing the down votes or bad reviews? I have! I won't lie! Sometimes you just have to say buck it and write for your own amusement, if the critics don't like it than that's their problem not yours. If you have something fun, something cheesy, something trollly of cliché or riddled with mistakes, but full of love and fun that comes from your own passion to write, post it here! Celebrate your imperfections, celebrate what you write! Even if your story has been worked to perfection, every detail carefully edited until there was not a flaw to be seen, it still has a place here. This is a group made to show pride for your writing! If your story was fun to write, if it's full of passion, than please post it. I know how it feels to be bogged down by the feeling of hopelessness at just the sight of a downvote, and I'm sure many of you do too. But screw that feeling, it's no fun.

This group will be a place of love and acceptance, excitement and fun! Please consider joining! All are welcome!

<3 LiBP (lunaisbestpony1)

Hello fellow fun loving writers, if ya feel like it check out our weekly challenge challenge thread!
Also, if you're new, you can go and introduce yourself to the group!
We will all be happy to welcome you! :)

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