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Meet Me!

Hi, I'm Lunaisbestpony1 but you can call me Lulu or Lucy if you want! I am an occasional writer of fan fiction. I really like to write stuff that is goofy and fun, however at times I write things that are a touch on the dark side, it depends on my mood. And yes, my mood almost always shows through in my writing, that's one thing you should know about me.

I firmly believe that best pony is Luna, no if and's or buts about it, but if I had to order the mane six from most to least epic, it would be:

-Rainbow Dash, Fangirls unite!
-Twilight, she's such a sweet heart, I relate to her more in the earlier seasons.
-Pinkie Pie She wants to make everypony smile! How cool is that?
-Applejack, Sweet, kind, motherly AJ, she raised Applebloom all on her own.
-Rarity, Eh, Rarity is good for comedy, I like shipping her with spike.
-Fluttershy, she's kind, nice, cool to animals, but out of all the mane 6, she seems to be hardest to write compelling fan fic for. Her back story doesn't give much to work with.

I am a super duper gushy fangirl who will talk your ear off about ships and Doctor Who, I adore MLP to no end, and I like reading fan fics that make me sob, cry, or laugh. I'm a potterhead, a whovian, a tribute (Hunger Games) and an EX twihard :facehoof: ya, I was dumb back in my '20 tweens' stage. I love reviewing things and getting in depth about why and how things in story telling work or don't work. I'm super duper friendly and I always love talking to new ponies! I'm so glad to be here and I'm thankful to be writing stories. If you have any suggestions for things that I should read, please leave me a comment with a link. :)

Check Out My Groups!

Here are some groups that I started! We're always accepting new members! ^.^

Supportive Commentary Club
This is a group that is dedicated to commenting on and reviewing stories submitted by authors needing help. We will also feature monthly contests, tips and tricks for writing fimfictions and more! This group is completely for the people. Here there will be an environment of love and support from your fellow authors.


Celebrating Fun!
Have you ever written a fan fic only for the entertainment of yourself or others? Not caring about whether or not every drop of perfection that could be squeezed into it was? Not caring about or fearing the down votes or bad reviews? I have! I won't lie! Sometimes you just have to say buck it and write for your own amusement, if the critics don't like it than that's their problem not yours. If you have something fun, something cheesy, something trollly of cliché or riddled with mistakes, but full of love and fun that comes from your own passion to write, post it here! Celebrate your imperfections, celebrate what you write! Even if your story has been worked to perfection, every detail carefully edited until there was not a flaw to be seen, it still has a place here. This is a group made to show pride for your writing! If your story was fun to write, if it's full of passion, than please post it. I know how it feels to be bogged down by the feeling of hopelessness at just the sight of a downvote, and I'm sure many of you do too. But screw that feeling, it's no fun.
This group will be a place of love and acceptance, excitement and fun! Please consider joining! All are welcome!


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Really wished that Spike/Luna fic continued.

Wonder if you are ok? Since its been 7 years since you last logged on it seems.

Where are you? Haven't been able to talk to you for a long time now.

You've got some good stories there.

I don't suppose you could read my story "Rainbow Bouquets and Mayday Parades"? It's a short one-shot I think you might enjoy, and I'd love your feedback on it. :duck:

1185130 Can't wait to read them!

1185065 thanks, i'm hopefully going to put out a couple more stories soon but it all depends on how busy my editor is

whats with the follow?

1166667 NP, it was an epic poem, can't wait to read the rest! I think I will now. :twilightsmile:

thanks for the fav.:twilightsmile:

Our pleasure. Just keep Jake away from the punch.:trollestia:


1166653 Thank you! Welcome again! I'm so super glad you decided to join! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks ever so much for the welcome. Looks like the makings of a nice group you got going here.

1159656 Cuz Twiluna is awesome and you made me realize that. :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

1159651 I did something right! Why are you thanking me!?!

1159629 fearless got you hooked on TwiLuna? I cannot tell you how much that means to me!This should make it VERY easy for you.

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Oh, lookie, you're still here! Congrats on getting to the bottom of the page! 1,000 internet cakes for you! (Don't tell Celestia, I took the cakes from her fridge) *Laughs and hands you the cake*

I'm writing this next part from the moon. :'( Hide those cakes well, don't let her find you! 0.0

Oh, well. Since your here have some epic tunes!