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Horrifically Fun


In the wake of Rarity’s ‘improvement’ spree, the Princesses have a discussion about their duties and what it means to be a princess… also they complain a lot… In fact they mostly just complain.

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OMFG... That was interesting!!



Huh. Interesting interpretation of events. :duck:

A lot of this was quite funny, especially Luna's sleep-talking. However, Celestia felt a bit too, brusque in her demeanor. It usually takes something like Discord to make her this irritable. Her intention wasn't out of character, but I felt like she could've told Floribunda off in a more polite way. :applejackunsure:

That's really my only contention here. Otherwise, this was quite an enjoyable read. :pinkiesmile:

PFFFT. That is all. PFFFT

OMFG Im not only rotfl in text now... I give this story an A+ for making me laugh when I needed it most but a B- for having a somewhat confusing if any plot.

All in all a good story if you want a quick laugh.



Criticism accepted. I was wondering if I had Celestia blow her fuse a little early their, though given events from the comics, I also figured things have been coming to a boil with Floribunda for a while...

Happy you liked it, otherwise. :twilightsmile:


This one-shot is definitely leaning on the last episode to explain events quite a bit. :derpytongue2:

Happy you still liked it! :pinkiehappy:

4301749 the last episode I actully I got to see was Maud pie... The time I sat down and watched an epidisde

I made an account just so i can tell you how much i love your story, here have a happy :pinkiehappy: and :yay:

Well this is a fun read, you should feel proud that you did such a great job on it. :pinkiehappy:

4301879 welcome to tha magical land of talking ponies and people who write stories...

Cadance shrugged. “She said her schedule was already packed with duties for the day…” trollesta:trollestia:

Luna's dreams are awesome.:rainbowlaugh:

I imagined this as one of the comics while I read it. Very enjoyable story! :twilightsmile:

I too wondered where mariachi band ended up.

This was hilarious, I love it


Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Hilarious!!! :rainbowlaugh: I love it!

4301749 Hmmmm, not sure how to take this one.:rainbowhuh:

Not good, not bad...I'm seriously neutral on this...

Celestia placed her eye to the eyepiece as the city below suddenly erupted in light as gold streets covered the streets and lawns reflected the sun high above. “AAAAAH!” Celestia cried as she pulled her eye away from Telescope and placed a forehoof over it.

"Sun why have you betrayed me?!!?!?!?!?!?" Said Princess Celestia.

Love this story. Its hilarious.

The story is pretty funny, but I think you need to use some kind of marker for the segues (or at least be consistent with the markers.) Some places you use a [hr] to segue to a new scene, then other places you don't.

An example would be this part:

Cadance shook her head. “Celestia said under no circumstances are we to give Luna coffee. Apparently she over indulged when she attempted to do her nightly duties followed by Celestia’s daily duties and then another round of her nightly tasks…”

“SISTER!” Luna cried as she stood atop a massive pile of mugs, coffee kettles, and to-go cups. Her eyes were wide and red while her pupils were tiny. She stared out into open space looking at nothing and yet everything all at once. “I FEEL LIKE I CAN DO ANYTHING!” Luna paused briefly before spreading her wings and adding, “I’LL BET I COULD FLY!”

Celestia stared up at Luna with an unamused expression. “I’m switching you to decaf!” she announced.

You segue from a scene with Cadance, Twilight and (admittedly a sleeping) Luna, to the scene where it is just Celestia and Luna. There should be some kind of deliniation to point out to the reader that it is a rapid switch of scene (such as a [hr] if that is your chosen break), rather than relying on the elipsis, as it requires a re-read of the previous paragraphs to double-check that the scene has changed.

Beyond that, great to see events from the comics being incorporated into stories, that is always a plus.

one way to describe this.
:pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:
and for good measure... :moustache:

Celestia, "You know, I should probably get rid of the other few hundred dark magic artifacts I have squirreled away around here." :trollestia:

Twilight just stares blankly at her mentor, whom she finally realizes is a complete and utter troll. :twilightoops:

I am surprise that Celestia did not say it was dire situtation so she does not have to go to the grudation cermony or reshedual it without telling the pricy unicorn and make it law she can't know.


Sorry about that. There are vertical lines in the original copy, but they didn't make it over the import. I had to hunt and add them back in and missed that spot. Thanks for catching it. :twilightsmile:

Glad you enjoyed the story. :pinkiehappy:

Now we know where all the food and the 3 musicians got teleported to.I love the ending though

That was very enjoyable:twilightsmile:
also :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Well, that was different. And absolutely hilarious:pinkiehappy:

4303097 Well, since Rarity did nothing but transform things into other things most of the time, I just assumed she turned the Mariachi band INTO a duplicate Octavia and trio.

Hee! Poor Luna.

Though this episode raised an important question: Why do they just leave these incredibly dangerous things just lying around for any moron to screw with? That book, the Alicorn Amulet(which Twilight is probably using as a door stop or paper weight), Discord...

Ahhh, I get you on that one! I used to have that issue rather frequently too, until I ended up using the bb code directly in my gdocs files, so that way I don't miss anything after copy/pasting.


After watching so much of the show, I've simply had to conclude ponies (even adult or immortal Princess ponies) are often times not as wise or show as much common sense as the average human adult.

4307630 - The real reason it's a 'royal' duty is because... well... it's solid gold. How else is Celestia going to fund her lavish cake budget? The Equestrian economy runs on sweets... and illicit dark magic created gold.

It is things like this that make my nights that much better.

This is more Celestia-from-the-comics than Celestia-from-the-show -- in the comics and here she's far more relatable, far less serene. Makes a nice change, and you had me laughing, so good job!

Umm...what? I mean it was hilarious, but WHAT?!

“You and the other parents can bite my shiny, sun adorned flank if they don’t like it,” Celestia said as she stared at Floribunda with her one, angry eye.

The polite way to say "pucker up for sunbutt!" :rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Fav'd for good writing, comic references, and exactly the right amount of comedy (tons). :heart:

4307630 I have seen many 'average human adults'. I can assure you that your average pony, even at their worst, does in fact show the same level of Common Sense. This is because despite the name, Common Sense is in fact NOT common at all.

As for the story, I loved it. Luna was my favorite part too. Makes sense that the Princess Of The Night, and of Dreams, has the best dreams.

Wow that was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Woo! Standing up to Floribunda! Good to see some IDW stuff mixed in. Me gusta! :pinkiehappy:

“Well, she’s not usually up at this hour…” Cadance said.

Actually, she is


What makes you say that? Judging by the comics, she sleeps through a great portion of the day with situations like what happened in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils looking like a rare exception.

Enjoyed it :)

“Cadance?” Twilight called out as she looked over Luna as the dark blue mare continued to talk in her sleep.
“Yes, Twilight?” Cadance replied as she looked away from the tree she was busy decrystalizing.
Twilight turned to Cadance. “Is it bad that I have a sudden urge to draw all over Princess Luna?”
Cadance pursed her lips. “That sounds very immature and childish… I’ll go get some ink and pens…”

Let the moustaches begin. :rainbowdetermined2:

A grey, bespectacled unicorn mare

That's so Raven.

this was so hilarious! I loved the references and why isn't it that tia didn't stand up to that unicorn earlier?? and then theres Luna..need i say more? :rainbowlaugh:

I think you already know by know, but for repeating the endless comments: this story is gold!

Best Celestia lines ever. We should get MEMJ to read those.

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