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Hello Everypony!
This is a group for advertising anything, other groups, your stories, or even if you want to get people to follow you! Do whatever. I'll add some folders to this group so you can advertise stories (which I'll be happy to read)
Thanks for your time.

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Hi, Hope24 here! I just wanted to ask if everyone would check out my story The Element of Hope and give feedbacks on it. That would be greatly appreciated!

Comment posted by Hope24 deleted Apr 21st, 2015

Hey everypony! I made a new story and it's going great so far! Sunset's Shine
I also have a new group where you can post ANY FimFic story you'd like! Just ask me if you want to submit an NSFW story! Equestria's Library

Hello, new to the group here. I'd like to try and build up a good reputation for my first, not-so-critically-acclaimed story. It's gotten a lot of criticism, some of it not very nice, but I've addressed it as much as possible and made improvements.

Here's the link: The Gentle Dark

Thanks! :twilightsmile:

First attempt at writing a fic, just want to share my creativity, I hope you enjoy!

Heres the link.

The Light of the Four

I was replied to with a yes a few days ago, It literally right under your comment.:facehoof:

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Hello, I'm Awesomo3000, I've been a brony since summer 2013, and I ADORE the show. :) :pinkiehappy: I've only just signed up to this site so I haven't got many followers, except for my friend The Princess Rarity. But if you could check out my stories:

The Mystery of Santa Hooves

And my crossover story,

Transformers: War for Equestria

I would be extremely grateful, thanks! :)

Erm..Am I allowed to advertise non-Pony or Non-Fimfic related things?

Looking for some followers, please read my story Just Another Day, if you like it please, follow.

339331 go ahead, advertise whatever the hoof you want:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::heart:

Perhaps you could make threads for sharing art and music too.

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