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After the events of Fall of Cybertron", the Autobots and Decepticons become stranded on a strange world known as Equestria. The Autobots quickly make allies with the inhabitants, including the Mane Six, while the Decepticons plan to eradicate all life and obtain the energy located there. The Autobots must fight back against their enemies while also protecting their new friends and their home!

Will they succeed or will Equestria be reduced to ashes and carnage?

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Hmm, for someone who is relatively new to the fandom and writing the characters, I have to say, you're doing a very good job so far. And normally, I don't read crossovers, but you're approaching all of this fairly well. Take my upvote and fave.

Also, this is off-topic-ish, but-

"I thought it was a happy scream because that would probably mean that you’d be having an exciting slumber party over at Twilight’s house again!"

-I'm not even gonna tell you what I thought when I read that. :rainbowlaugh:

I really like this story so far, please update soon:pinkiesmile:


this is a great transformers crossover i haven't read one i enjoyed this much since......JDPrime's Fall of Equestria and its sequel.

i hope you continue writing you get my up vote and fave.

I'm really liking where this is headed. :pinkiehappy: Good work! :moustache:

4072184 After reading those two, i'm hesitant to read anymore Transformers crossovers. Nothing else can match those.

4139902 I don't know if anything can beat those

I am writing my own sequel to those two stories right now (besides the huge hiatus i had)

but the first two chapters are up so if you want to check on those you can.

A brilliant prologue detailing the Autobot-Decepticon war.

Our Mane Six will be in for the surprise of their lives once they meet up with the Transformers.

*Walks up to Megatron*

"Hey, are you friendly?"

Best. Idea. Ever. :rainbowlaugh:

More chapters this is so good:pinkiehappy:

Optimus Prime's voice is epic. Megatron is a butt. That is all anyone needs to know about Transformers.

Dude, you honestly don't know how much I love you right now. Your writing is fan-freaking-tastic! :pinkiehappy: Your storytelling is even better! Please keep the chapters coming, this story is simply legendary. :moustache:

4740236 Why thank you. :twilightsmile: I doubt it'll live up to your standards, but I'll try.

This chapter definitely blew me away. Great job on the characters, dude. :)

I hope this haves story gets continued.

I want to see more! :rainbowdetermined2: When Megatron begin to threat the ponies, I decided to hear this theme from "Transformers DOTM"

Whan the next chapter going to be?

Hope to read more new chapters soon.

Fall of cybertron in a nutshell.

You cancel it? Why? It a good story?

A, I lost all motivation to write it.

B, I didn't even have the story planned out.

And C, I was just riding the coat tails of JDPrime22's much better MLP/Transformers crossover.

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