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The sculpture in the banner is originally from here Miki-'s deviantart, and I have a permission to use it.

This is a group dedicated to pairing up Discord and Princess Celestia. Feel free to join if you like the pair :)

Anyone is allowed to post fanfics in our archives, the only rule being that they have to be Discord/Celestia fics. It doesn't even have to be the main pairing as long as it's there (and there's even an "Almost Discord/Celestia" folder for fics that are close enough). Please post them in the correct folders, and each fic only once :twilightsmile:

Any discussion of the pairing is allowed and encouraged, and so is sharing videos, pictures (provide a source link!), music, ideas, and such. Go make a thread in the forum~

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Look at this photo that I found on Twilights Mirror in S7 EP1, I think it's really cute! (ノ*°▽°*)

Does anyone know about a story called “do you remember chaos?” Or “remember chaos?”

It was a Very well written good story about celestia and discord relationship in the past that currently takes place in the present with the main six finding out

This is a plea for more Dislestia fics.

There isn't a enough Dislestia fics in the world for me to read, so please make more, or else I will get so desperate that I might cause a Dislestiapocalypse :pinkiecrazy:

May the Dislestia flag stand high on the ship we sail forever!

thanks for making this group. it's the best!!:rainbowkiss::yay::yay:


YEAH! this ship rock ur so right:pinkiehappy::raritystarry::trollestia:

i hope hasbro makes them fall in love i would like to see that. anyone else agree?

hello, i need help for Celestiacord/Dislestia week group
The dates are from February 10th-to the 16th the week of valentines day https://www.deviantart.com/mr100dragon100/journal/celestiacord-dislestia-week-781839769

Prompts for the PMV Submissions and any social network:

I’m feeling very accomplished to finally get the chance to join one of the groups of my OTP! I’ve been shipping this for years, and I’ve literally been bouncing with happiness when I made this account. This is also the first group I decided to join, hehe~! Glad to join the community with you guys! :pinkiehappy:

no hate to fluttercord but... dislestia is better:trollestia::pinkiehappy::yay:

omg...BEST SHIP EVER:yay:

Don’t worry I agree 😁🤫😉 ::raritywink:

I know right.
Best ship

Soon we will have a Tiacord armada
Insert evil luagh :pinkiecrazy:

Hey there fellow tiacord shippers, im debating on taking a whack at writing some on this ship. Anyone have anything they'd like to see written? :derpytongue2:

"Why am I here?" You may ask well that's because.......I FUCKING LOVE DISLESTIA!!!!!!!!

I like Dislestia more then Fluttercord Fluttercord is ok but I like Dislestia more plseas don't hate me:fluttershyouch:

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