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A Finnish lady brony who is also an artist. A well-liked moderator in a few groups. Obsesses over Discord. Mostly harmless.


Hello, I'm a roughly 30 years old Finnish lady brony.

I'm an artistic person and a huge sucker for shipfics. I believe that in this site my special talent is being a moderator in groups - I'm just very good at organization.

I'm generally nice to everyone, but I can be seriously blunt at times and I'm honest about my opinions, so I may bite. I like to leave critique in fanfics when I decide that they need it.

Celestia is best Princess.

My favourite characters are Discord, Fluttershy and Twilight.

My favourite pairings so far are Discord/Celestia and Discord/Twilight Sparkle.

Here's my ponysona because all the cool bronies have one:

She's Jade Star. Her cutie mark represent her artistic talent shining bright like the night stars.


I'm not dead · 9:53pm Oct 22nd, 2017

Just wanted to announce that I'm not dead, despite not having been active in here for... two years. I just half-way dropped out of the fandom and got busy in Real Life™.

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I can't add my story to the group, may I have permission, please? https://www.fimfiction.net/group/1186/discord-celestia-group

hello, i need help for Celestiacord/Dislestia week group
The dates are from February 10th-to the 16th the week of valentines day https://www.deviantart.com/mr100dragon100/journal/celestiacord-dislestia-week-781839769

Prompts for the PMV Submissions and any social network:

1177420 A book reference. Plus, if I claimed to be completely harmless I'd be lying :pinkiecrazy: If nothing else, I can be a bad influence to people younger than me (and my crazy may be contagious~).

1083440 pfffffttttt pppffffft~ :rainbowkiss:

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Commission Prices · 6:24pm Jun 2nd, 2013

Commissions: Open!

-All of the prices on this whole list are for one character. Any extra character adds 2€ / $3 to the price. From four and onwards it'll be 5€ / $7 per extra character.
-I have never drawn any smut pictures, but I'm not against trying.
-I have no biases against any gender, sexuality or anything else of the like.

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