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Adagio Dazzle x OC 0
Adagio Dazzle x Other 1
Adaria (Adagio Dazzle x Aria Blaze) 2
Ahuizotl x OC 0
Ahuizotl x Other 0
Aria Blaze x OC 0
Aria Blaze x Other 1
Arianata (Aria Blaze x Sonata Dusk) 4
CeleBreaker (Celestia x Daybreaker) 0
ChryLight (Chrysalis x Twilight Sparkle) 3
ChrysaCord (Chrysalis x Discord) 2
ChrysaLestia (Chrysalis x Princess Celestia) 2
Chrysalis x OC 2
Chrysalis x Other 8
ChrysaLuna (Chrysalis x Luna) 5
ChrysArmor (Chrysalis x Shining Armor) 0
ChrysDance (Chrysalis x Cadance) 0
ChrysMare (Nightmare Moon x Chrysalis) 1
ChrySombra (Chrysalis x Sombra) 1
ChrysRek (Chrysalis x Tirek) 0
Corruption 1
Cozy Glow x OC 0
Cozy Glow x Other 1
DaringZotl (Ahuizotl x Daring Do) 0
Daybreaker x OC 0
Daybreaker x Other 0
DayCord (Daybreaker x Discord) 0
Discord x OC 3
Discord x Other 7
Dislestia (Discord x Celestia) 58
DisRek (Discord x Tirek) 2
FlutterCord (Fluttershy x Discord) 21
HopeBra (Radiant Hope x Sombra) 1
LunaCord (Luna x Discord) 10
LunaMoon (Nightmare Moon x Luna) 0
MoonLight (Nightmare Moon x Twilight Sparkle) 12
Nightmare Moon x OC 0
Nightmare Moon x Other 5
Nightmare Rarity x OC 0
Nightmare Rarity x Other 0
NightmareCord (Nightmare Moon x Discord) 1
NightmareNightmare (Nightmare Moon x Nightmare Rarity) 2
NightmaRity (Nightmare Moon x Rarity) 2
PinkieCord (Discord x Pinkie Pie) 1
Pony of Shadows x OC 0
Pony of Shadows x Other 0
Reformation 4
Sombra x OC 6
Sombra x Other 12
SombraCord (Sombra x Discord) 3
SombraLuna (Sombra x Luna) 25
SombraMoon (Sombra x Nightmare Moon) 1
SombraPie (Sombra x Pinkie Pie) 20
SombraShining (Sombra x Shining Armor) 3
SombraShy (Sombra x Fluttershy) 5
SomDance (Sombra x Cadance) 3
SomLestia (Sombra x Celestia) 3
SonaDagio (Sonata Dusk x Adagio Dazzle) 1
Sonata Dusk x OC 0
Sonata Dusk x Other 1
StarBurst (Starlight Glimmer x Sunburst) 2
Starlight Glimmer x OC 0
Starlight Glimmer x Other 1
StarTrix (Starlight Glimmer x Trixie) 0
Storm King x OC 0
Storm King x Other 0
Stygian x OC 0
Stygian x Other 0
SunDagio (Adagio Dazzle x Sunset Shimmer) 5
SunLight (Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle) 5
Sunset Shimmer x OC 0
Sunset Shimmer x Other 9
Tempest Shadow x OC 0
Tempest Shadow x Other 0
TempestLight (Tempest Shadow x Twilight Sparkle) 0
Tirek x OC 0
Tirek x Other 0
TwiBra (Twilight Sparkle x Sombra) 6
TwiBreaker (Daybreaker x Twilight Sparkle) 1
TwiCord (Twilight Sparkle x Discord) 24
TwiGlimmer (Twilight Sparkle x Starlight Glimmer) 0
TwiRek (Twilight Sparkle x Tirek) 0

Welcome to the Villain Shipping group, where we ship villains with various characters because it's fun. Folders for other villain ships will be added if enough people request them.

1. Stories should go in one to three folders. The exception would be for stories with multiple ships or poly pairings.
2. Don't be a jackass. No one likes that.
3. Antagonist ships don't count (like Twixie and anything with DT and Silver Spoon) because they aren't full-blown villains. A villain is defined as one of the show's bigger evils instead of a character who merely acts as an obstacle for the protagonists.
4. Reformed villains are allowed.
5. All site rules still apply to this group.
6. OC/Canon villain pairings are allowed.

Let the shipping begin!

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What, no folders for Grogar.

I hath found a group pleasing to me!
This shall be most amusing.
Anyway, looks cool, I will check this out...

Been hoping to find a group like this now I finally had......
Now cue villain laugh!!!!

Uhhhh...Where the buck is Chrymbra? :ajbemused:

I dunno....:unsuresweetie:

WHY IS THERE NO CHRYSALIS AND CELESTIA!? :twilightangry2::flutterrage:

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