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A little help please · 11:07pm May 14th

Okay I have an odd question. See, not many people in my life know that I'm a Brony. The people who don't know include several friends and family members. Eventually they are going to find out, or I'm going to have to tell them. So I want to know from you people is: How do you go about explaining this to your friends and family, and how do you deal with the nuclear fallout from it. "Fallout" meaning being antagonized and berated for your interests by people you associate yourself with, and those

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You’re welcome :twilightsmile:

thanks for the watch!

So, important comment:
Chapter 11 is going to be a lot shorter then my other chapters. However, to make up for it I will also be posting a deleted scene (The same one I told the user Vertex about):trollestia:

Any way, school is out, and in light of that fact: HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER EVERYONE!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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