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This group is for anyone dissatisfied with King Sombra's portrayal and handling after his initial season three premiere, whether it be his lackluster reappearance in season nine, further characterization, or portrayal in material like the comics, this group is for you. It is also welcoming to any fan interpretations, headcanon, and portrayals of the Sombra in the comics that you might have.

As long as your story focuses on Sombra's survival and character development, it will be permitted in the group folders. If not, you will be notified. Feel free to add your stories and ask if you have any questions. All site rules are expected to be followed.


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that would make for an excellent story! I'm going to write it!

that was a story of absolute perfection!


Yes, you can add it

I just joined; my mane fic has Sombra in it but I didn't kill or shatter him in his debut. Can my story be added into this group?

That is really smart!

I'm still bummed we didn't have any Chrysombra action in Season 9. Crystal Heart is a threat to Sombra? Have Chrysalis absorb the love! Shining Armor and Cadance are about to banish Chrysalis? Have Sombra neutralize their magic! Once the kingdom is secured by our axis of evil, Chryssi's drones keep the love drained from the subjects, leaving them empty and ready to be filled with Sombra's fear. And if I were writing that story, there'd be a spark between them. :heart:

But yeah, it's fun being able to write him as, you know, actually competent for a change.

I admittedly prefer fan versions of him to either the comics or the show's version following the season three opener. But even fan versions sometimes only have slim pickings. Hopefully, this group will be able to store a lot of good content that goes against those trends.

We were enraged at the fact that Hasbro kept killing Sombra repeatedly

On top of wasting all his IDW worldbuilding and development; giving him more screentime and dialogue... as a monologuey, overconfident clichelord (instead of the no-nonsense, genre-savvy edgelord we know and love); and making him little more than fodder for "Grogar"/Discord.

Can you add an "adventure" folder?

No problem! You looked like a fan of this guy, so I decided to invite you.

We can do that, thank you for letting us know.

Thank you. Always been a big fan of Sombra. Funny enough, I do plan to explore Radiant Hope eventually in my multi-season story, Journey To Hearth's Warming. Both of these two certainly needs more love. We all know Hasbro won't give it to them.

Also, might I suggest as a possible invite? Known her for a few years and she adores Sombra.

Thanks for the invite. I just joined.

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