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The *new* group for stories where King Sombra/Mirrorverse King Sombra is paired with Mirrorverse/Princess Luna (or Nightmare Moon). Since the old one kinda seemed dead, I thought I'd make this! Why should other Sombra shippers get to have all the nice groups, hmm?

There's an unofficial Discord server that you can join here!


1) Please add your story to the correct folder.
2) Stories may only be in one folder.
3) All site rules apply here.
4) All forum posts must be about either ponies, fanfic, writing, or shipping these two dorks.
5) Even though this group is for Luna & Sombra, character bashing of other ponies (read: Celestia) is not allowed in the forums.
6) NSFW stories are not allowed, M rated stories and clop should be taken elsewhere. READ THE RULES IN THE NSFW FOLDER BEFORE ADDING!
7) All stories must contain shipping between these two characters (Either Luna/Sombra or Nightmare Moon/Sombra, shipping their Mirrorverse counterparts is also allowed). Or at least some kind of relationship that would fit in the not-quite-shipping folders.
9) (Ties in with rule 8) There will be a folder for stories where Sombra plays a part in creating Nightmare Moon, such as in 'Fall of the Crystal Empire'. Stories in this folder do not have to be shipping focused.
10) More folders and rules can be added if needed.
11) Please tag all forum posts with things like [Discussion] or [Art].
12) PM myself or an admin/magical girl if you are interested in becoming knighted an admin.
13) Don't ship these two? Well there is a folder titled 'In which they are friends'. Perhaps your story belongs there, if not there is also a folder for stories where these two are trying to kill each other and things like that.


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Here are the main groups for Luna & Sombra:

Princess Luna's Group (Nightmare Moon's is here)
King Sombra's Group
(The Mirrorverse Group)
There's another Lunbra group too!

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The contest folder looking sad smh

She did meet him once canonically, but fanfic is fanfic. Maybe they got along well in the past, and maybe there's a story about him being reformed. Shipping's shipping, yo.

I've never seen luna in a scene with sombra on the show.or even talk about him


Even I tried adding the story to the group and it wouldn't work. :applejackconfused: I'll try yo solve this, next time something like this happens, please make a thread in the forum so this can be solved sooner. Remember to tag your post based on the subject.

EDIT: You didn't submit your story, it seems. You need to do that before it can be added.

409426 What?!?! How did I even manage to get into it then? Well another question for another day. That one really has my head scratching

But anyway "waiting for approval?" means that the Moderators have to look through it before it will appear on site publicly(Which is why I thought it was strange that I could read it). Just give them a few days they'll get to it. They tend to take their time with first time stories. Though from what I have read so far it don't seem that bad. A little ruff around the past tensing. But over all my first was much worse(Don't read it). All I can say is look through your story and try to fix as many mistakes as you can and the Moderators will usually move faster on approving it.

If you get too worried try asking one the Moderators through PM what is wrong. Try make sure it is PM because a message on their front page will simply be ignored

I'll try, but what does it mean when a story is "waiting for approval?"

409424 Hmm strange. I tried it myself and it still error. I even tried it on the original Luna/Sombra group and it also error. I don't think this a group problem. I think there might be an error with the story itself. Try contacting one of the site staff for help on that. A link to them can be found at the very bottom of the screen.

409418 Hmmm PM me a link and I'll try

Everytime I try to upload my story to this group, it gives me an error message.

409240 What? What do you mean? Tell me what happen?

I can't add my story to this group


Thank you! It is by an artist named rebecka-chan.


You're welcome! I decided to invite all the old members who are still active over to this one. :twilightsmile:

Sombra and Luna FTW! Love the picture :)

thanks for inviting me to the group and not to offend you i didn't expect a invite to a lubra by a brony or pegasister ill just stick with brony since i ain't sure :rainbowhuh:

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