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I couldn't find a shipping group for King Sombra and Princess Luna. So I made one.

If you like to read ships on ship shadow horse and night goddess this is the place for you! You can find and add those kinds of stories here.

1. This group is for stories that (surprise) ship Princess Luna and King Sombra.
2. Regular group rules apply.
3. Be nice to people please! We're not here to shout at each other. If you don't like Lunbra, why are you even here?
4. Mature, Teen, and Everyone stories should go their correct sub-folders, depending on the tags. If you need a new sub-folder for a different tag, please inform the administrators.
5. Don't spam. This means threads, comments, imagery, videos, and links.
6. Have fun!

My Little Epona

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A toast to a well deserved ship!

I might do more revamping, just to let you know! I'm glad you like it!

No, that's perfect! XD

I edited it a bit. If you don't like it, you can change it back.

Sure! Let me see if I can figure out how to do that. 😅

could I be an admin?

I’ll be willing to help this group and spread lunbra shipping with love that they deserve.

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