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The Sound of Loneliness

Now, what do you get when one person gets both increadibly unlucky and lucky at the same time? A fanfic writer, apparently.

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  • 39 weeks
    I've been sorting through an old man's stuff...

    So the time came to sort through my dead grandfather's things and holy sh*t did I find a lot of interesting bits. Knives, antiquated watches, silver cutlery, Tsar's treasury bonds and more. My grandparents really don't throw anything out.
    It's really fascinating to spend a day in an old man's home and just see what you can find there. Most fascinating thing I discovered is that my grandfather apparently was collecting coins.

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  • 52 weeks
    The Technology of Narration

    Once more, I greet you, my dear readers, in one of my rare (and hopefully curious) blogposts. This once I shall tell you about a fascinating piece of technology, but first - a story.

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    9 comments · 89 views
  • 56 weeks
    Iconography and Architecture, The Ways to Immortalise Oneself

    Today, my dear readers, I wish to share something extremely fascinating, albeit highly polarizing. I, therefore, urge you all to perceive the following as the artistic object. I believe we can get by without zeal for the moment. Today I shall familiarise a fascinating interpretation that your fellow, I imagine, Christians (even if of a different branch) have on the familiar Holy images.

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  • 59 weeks
    A Day of Sorrow

    Today is a special day. This is a kind of day which separates your life on "before" and "after." Today, we've lost one of the few decent people we still have left. Today, ended the last person in my own family that never did any wrong to any of us. Today, my Grandfather has died.

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  • 59 weeks
    Something Just Occured To Me.

    I think I just found something good in the situation we find ourselves in. The thought has been crawling on the back of my head from the start of this quarantine, but I only figured it out to the point of coherency now.

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Oh, hello there.

So, you decided to click on me and figure out what I am all about, eh? Then let me tell you!

I am a decently young chap living somewhere you likely never heard before (though, given the hassle in recent years, you might have heard something about us). That's, more or less, it.
That's it unless you enjoy drama. Now drama I have in ample supply for you, my curious friend.

Drama is, very literally, my life. Anything concerning the human struggle in any way, shape or form I can tell you about. And I will! For drama is what I write! Is my drama any good? Huh, that's a question for YOU to answer, and please kindly do. After all, how can I ever get any good whatsoever if you won't tell me why I am bad?

Oh, and if you enjoy reading other people rumblings about the stuff you don't, usually, care enough to think about; go read some of my blogs. Every time I feel like writing something unnecessary long and elaborate, I write one of those. People sometimes tell me they are fun too.

Well, since you decided to stick around, let me give you something for your trouble. Here, have some songs you will regret not listening to.

Kinda, yes, I am a fan of power metal. Metal is the music that was called to defy the stale, centuries-old, stereotypes of what music is supposed to be like. With its rough sounds and rumble, it creates something utterly different, but nonetheless melodic and beautiful.
Though, to be real honest, I always found confining myself to a single genre was limiting the ways I can enjoy the art that is music. Here's something else I immensely enjoy listening to:

This one has many versions in all the different languages. Originally, however, it is french. Well, sorta.
I have to say that I only speak german on the "Gutten Tag" level, but the beauty of music is that you don't need to understand the words to understand what the song is about. This is clearly a military song (or folk, interchangeable, really), you can tell even without looking at the background picture.
The music is intentionally simplistic so that untrained musicians could play it using improvised instruments and the lyrics are structured like a cadence (no, not the pony). Notice the call-response style of the singing, exactly like those songs soldiers sing in training. By the way, I think I have another few of these for you.

Now this one is polish, obviously. Proud Poles, however, do not enjoy being simple with their songs, even if its made by and for soldiers. They can't get very creative with music (though, they somehow manage to carry pianos around, apparently), but they tend to run wild with lyrics stretching them in pages sometimes. Have an example:

Gotta love Poles. 20th century, in general, is very-very rich in amazing music. Here's Spike Jones, "the man who murdered music," laughing at Adolf Hitler and his Nazis, this song stays hilarious to this day:

Here's another war-time song, this time from someone a lot less controversial, from Kay Kyser:

The songs of those times have a warm and cheerful feeling to them. Fascinating how such horrible things as World Wars can inspire people to create something like Billy Cotton's "Oh! How He Misses His Missus."
You are eating a thin soup, you live in a bombed-out house, but hey, life isn't such a bad thing! You've got this tiny radio with the songs that tell you every day to chin up and look on the bright side! We really could learn a lot from our grand-grand parents. It's such an inspiring thing to see people showing their very best qualities in the wake of such a terrible fate!

But you know what kind of music I love the most?

Simply stunning. Songs like these are rare and precious today. They touche the most tender parts of ourselves, let us feel, not just hear. Art is hardly about sounds and looks, you see. Art is always about feeling. If you don't feel art you don't understand it. Well, I think I took you for long enough by now. Run along and have a nice cycle.

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Why, of course. Several things. But I warn you, you would do yourself good to find some snacks, this would take a while.
Firstly, there is a mod for Hearts of Iron 4 game. One of Paradox's "Grand Strategies", that specific one focusing on the mid-20th century wars. The mod itself named Equestria at War and that's where I borrowed a lot of the initial set-up. That mod had a rather unique take on Nightmare Moon. She is merely one of the political leaders in the world and not at all an immortal goddess. She is old, but still a pony. She also isn't simply another one of Luna's personalities, but a separate creature altogether that dwells inside Luna's body. The most interesting part is that she is not at all mad and she is, most certainly, not mindlessly cruel. In the mod, she is a very cunning politician, who knows how to use both fear and love of her subjects to her advantage. She can both hold executions and sign pardons, and grateful ponies serve her willingly in return.
While this is already a remarkable portrayal, I knew that she missed something. The game, by design, does a very poor job of flashing out personalities, after all the 20th-century war is a matter of numbers, not individuals, That simply couldn't do, therefore I had to modify the character a bit. This is a political drama, after all, and this genre relies very heavily on its characters, one of which is the society. Nightmare Moon is not merely a queen, she is also a person. She does not show it for the larger public, but she has her own dreams, desires, weaknesses and fears. This is why she is so compelling despite being very far from a moral person.

The second inspiration would be something very different, Orwell's "1984". I would not insult you as much as to presume that you do not know who Orwell was and skip the biographical details. His work, 1984 that is, is one of the most harrowing and important works in human history without there being a single ounce of a doubt, I would say. But as it usually happens, Orwell's own work is merely a vivid picture, vastly inferior to the original. That would be the totalitarian states of the 20th-century, the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, among others. Unlike many other writers of his time, Orwell did not write about the horrors of war that such regimes inevitably unleash, he focused on how they internally operated. Each regime, no matter how totalitarian, is still comprised of people. The greatest leader is no one without their supporters, after all. It is hard to imagine, but people can very much be in favor of others brutally repressing them. In Soviet Union people quite literally turned their own children, husbands and parents in if they were acting in a way not completely approved by the Party. Rephrasing Orwell himself: "Slavery is Freedom." The most important part of holding power for any dictator is to control information. The usual way, described by Orwell and practiced in our world too, is to create a different reality altogether with propaganda and suppress all sources of unfavorable information. Again, coming back to 1984, if everyone believes a lie, then it becomes true as far as everyone is concerned. Truth and lie are quite easily interchangeable.
Well, Nightmare Moon is a liar. But not the crude type like Nazis or Communists. Nightmare Moon is an artist. She very rarely lies directly and instead manipulates the truth to support her own agenda. Like her war with Chrysalis. She knew from the start it is coming and simply allowed that to happen because Chrysalis had no chances of winning or even doing damage. As a result, Nightmare Moon achieved quick victory, with minimal casualties and strengthened her subjects' trust in her. She could have prevented it, if she wanted to, but simply allowing it to happen held more dividents for her. No one will ever know exactly what happened. Nightmare Moon is still a dictator, but she is a very skilled and knowledgeable one at that. She holds her power because everyone knows that going against her is not only entirely pointless but will also only serve to strengthen her position even further. The most sophisticated dictatorship won't even look like a dictatorship to its own people. They all would think that they still have a choice in anything.

Lastly, there's also the romantic fleur. Nightmare Moon, being a very old-fashioned mare, has her palace adorned with late-medival decor. That part is inspired by pre-revolutionary France and its palaces specifically. For a modern person to understand what a palace takes a little research. A palace is not simply a very expensive home, it is a social space and the centre of the political, economical and cultural life of an entire region. Noble people meet there to discuss their affairs, listen to the best of musicians, study in the vast royal libraries and even simply admire the beauty of the place.

I love reading your Imperial stories! May I ask what inspired you to write fanfics like them?

You deserve it, friend. Hope I got a smile outta ya!

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