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26, male. I love creativity, dragons, and CHANGELINGS! I'm so sorry, but please do not follow just for a follow back. If you want to know the reason, check out my blog "sorry for the unfollow".

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Never stop. Live, Create, Learn, Grow, Sleep, Dream, Enjoy, Remember, Repeat. · 10:24pm Nov 24th, 2020

Here there is a difference between stopping and not doing it constantly. 'Stop' is meant to be perceived as permanent.

Never stop enjoying life, even if you are resting enjoy that as well. 
Cry if you need to.
Never stop learning, even if you think there is nothing to learn there.
Research if you need to.
Never stop creating, even if you don't post it your mind will remember.
Use Imagination if you need to
Never stop trying, even if failure worries you or keeps getting you down.

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  • 6 weeks
    Speaking to others?

    Does anyone else hate how they talk to others?

    I especially hate PMs because I can't edit them, I end up regretting almost all of my PMs...

    It's not even just that I spam, it's HOW I word everything... I just don't know how to put it...

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TChangeling of the East
A mutualistic changeling crosses the great ocean to observe the lifestyle of ponies in Equestria.
Wingnut · 134k words  ·  74  1 · 1.2k views


TFrom Under the Love Seat
A foal abandoned for his own good. It is found by two ponies who never knew what they were in for. What could possibly happen?
Lightstruck · 63k words  ·  190  10 · 2.9k views


TBlue Fang
A blue fanged changeling wants to learn about his purpose in life.
MlpHero · 61k words  ·  24  4 · 855 views


EMeet The Change Gang
Six changelings get more than they bargained for when a spy-mission-turned-kidnapping-spree goes awry. How will they be able to handle their sudden transformations?
BezierBallad · 42k words  ·  74  6 · 1.4k views

Top Favourite Changeling Not Sorted

Some Favourite Non-Changeling

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Thanks for adding my story to your bookshelf. :twilightsmile:


Oh, I had no idea it was an attack on yourself. I thought it was making fun of other people's blogs on here (since viewed from that lens, your blog was a great critique).

Feel free to keep it deleted :twilightblush:

It's an attack on myself. Yes, there was some humor in it. But mostly it's a blog about how much I hate my... oh... the meta part... I see. It is not quite so funny to me, but I suppose meta-ness of it could be.


1. Because I didn't get the chance to finish reading haha

2. Because based off the half I read, it seemed like the perfect attack on the way most people write their blogs on here.

Why though, I dont understand. I mean... I can... but what was funny?

  • Viewing 130 - 134 of 134
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