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(Cover art by Caroo)

If there’s one thing Pharynx hasn’t changed along with physical appearance, it’s his desire for holes. After all, it’s not like one bite-sized hole could hurt a living soul in Equestria, right?

Well, things go just as well as you expect when Pharynx decides to test his wall-kicking skills, for the first time since his transformation, and play a practical joke on the changelings during the latest Feelings Forum meeting.

And if getting his foot stuck in the wall wasn’t Pharynx’s newest personal definition of “public humiliation,” things go off from there when Thorax accidentally pulls his brother’s boots off.

Let’s just say a lot can happen within minutes; not just for Pharynx, but his now-trapped soles.

(Warning: Involves Anthro and slight foot fetish as well as M/M tickling. Nothing explicit, fortunately.)

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(Takes place after Uprooted.)

A lot of things have happened in a matter of hours for Thorax and his subjects. From Ocellus running away from the hive to Thorax berating her for it. And for some odd reason, it’s been bothering him. Since her family was able to immediately understand Ocellus’ intentions and her motives, Thorax has been having a certain question in his mind:

Was he overreacting?

Little does he know that a friend of his, Ember, has been asking herself the exact same question ever since she supposedly ended her friendship with Thorax, after she had accused him of hiding her own student, Smolder, when all 6 students went missing.

Either way, this is nothing that a talk between the two can’t fix... right?

(Co-written by MKM Alliance. Thanks so much for helping with this story! :heart:)

Chapters (1)

Cover art created by Nitro Indigo from the Art for Fanfiction Group.

”Get a job, gang.” That’s what the majority of drones tell Venom Stinger and his siblings, all of whom are known as “The Change Gang.” All they want is an actual role in Chrysalis’ hive, while the last thing they want is to end up turning into those eyesore reformed changelings. That changes when they’re sent as spies on a mission to retrieve information about the current condition of King Thorax, who has fallen gravely ill.

But when an unexpected transformation occurs at the wrong time, and the group of drones are suddenly discovered in their new states, Venom Stinger, Cricket Cluster, Flutterwings, Spiny Spectacle, and Scorchin’ Heat, along with new gang member Thistle Thorn, all have no choice but to struggle to adapt to their new lifestyle as Thorax’s subjects—and to struggle even harder to keep their secret of who they actually work with.

But can the newly-transformed Change Gang protect their new “friends” while trying to hide their biggest secret? And will they ever uncover the reason why they suddenly went through these changes?

Chapters (8)
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