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This group is for all stories. Please add all the stories to this group, so that we can all easily acccess them. If you join, and add enough of your own stories, you might end up with your own folder. Thank you everyone!

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Check out my new CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE story!

Finished EDITING my stories yesterday.

Thanks! It´s just you´re so excited on all my groups!

Nah, just decided to use it show how happy I am to be in this group:derpytongue2:!

Is that your catchphrase?


Yes. I can tell by looking at your user page. It literally says ONLINE in green.

So you know I'm still online

Yes! Finally finished my story! :rainbowdetermined2:

Yeah. Sorry about your world stuff going off like crazy. It has stopped now.

While typing, you see some things like B for bold, I for Italics, etc. One of them is a smiley face. Click on it, then on the pony you want, and you're done.

How you do emoji?

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