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Ever put a lot of time and effort into a story but never see the fruits of your labor? Needing some legitimate feedback on your work? Just want to get some likes and views? Well then this is the group for you! Too often do talented writers get pushed out of the spotlight by clichéd ideas and mega popular authors, never truly achieving the recognition and support they deserve. This group aims to change that, acting as both an advice and promotion group, we hope to bring all those seeking help to be given the treatment that all authors should get. However, there is a slight twist to this. Considering several advice and self promotion groups have a heavy influx of stories with 1000+ views or 100+ likes, we hope to set a different example by only focusing on less popular and less realized stories. That being said, once it seems that your story has grown to a considerable level of notoriety on the site, it will be removed to make way for other aspiring stories seeking assistance. To elaborate, here are the rules:

1) Help everypony. Comment, like, and read as much as you can in our fair community to better spread the friendship around. It means so much!

2) Help everypony back. When somepony comments on your story, comment back on theirs. When somepony likes your story, try to like theirs. Too often do other groups suffer from lack of support by the other members. Remember, we’re trying to change that!

3) No super popular stories. Once it seems that your story is ready to be off on its own it will be removed from the group. We really want to reserve this group to those in serious need of help and by thinning out the number of active stories in the folders, we can better ensure that this help will be given.

4) Keep it nice. We’re trying to be a happy and carefree environment. Please, no name calling our “constructive criticism” that really just turns out as mean spirited insults. Love and tolerate people!

5) Have fun! We’re all here to enjoy ourselves, so let’s go out and do it!

Also, just a reminder, check out the forum for all group updates and social events!

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Every time I try posting a new thread in groups I keep getting this message, You cannot perform this action any more right now.

Is there something I'm not doing right, or what?

Same as the last guy: is anyone interested in being an editor? I have a whole lot on my plate as it is. PM me if you're interested.

A big thank you in advance ^w^

any one here interested in being an editor

Hi everypony! I'm new and I'm so glad to be here!

this Certainly looks like my kind of group .. :pinkiegasp:

Im kind of new here and was wondering of where to start when it comes to writing a story

Far From Home is still under construction
So it will not be added until I start with update introductions
Though Inspired I will post here,
And some feedback I both hope and fear

~Black Sun Eclipsed:moustache:

Yay I finally have a story which I plan to see through to the end. It took 3 tries but mark my words it'll be a good one. If you guys/girls want to give it a read go on ahead it's called Adventure in The Solace Isles. Make sure to leave you opinion and enjoy :pinkiehappy:

Well hello there, fellow people and other living organisms.

I have recently put out a story, but it didn't exactly receive as much attention as I thought it would or wanted it to. This story also happens to be my best work so far and will most likely be my biggest project on the site, so you can imagine how that puts a bit of a damper on things. This being the case, I thought I'd drop it in the folders here to see what all of you wonderful thingies think of it.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it! :pinkiehappy:

Here it be: Cobblestones

Story Adventure in The Solace Isles, read it please. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Stahl deleted Sep 4th, 2014

Hello world. I am an idea person, and my writing skills need to be refined. However, I plan on making a crossover that can have all kinds of characters. Real, MLP (of course), TV, Internet, Video Games, etc. Those who would like to join, comment here or send me a message. I don't have any specific characters, so feel free to join.

I love to help out with storys. If any one needs help with ideas or titles come to me, I'll be willing to help. join me on my group; black magic for more.

Comment posted by Onocarcass deleted Jan 30th, 2014

Don't forget to go into the adventure folder and check my fanfic out, Day After War Nexus

Hello I just joined this group and I just want to say "hi" to everyone here so HI

Comment posted by Stahl deleted Sep 4th, 2014

338698 Whoopsy! Must have forgot, lemme fix that...

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