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[Dedicated Moderators Needed, I cannot do this alone]

This is a group for new, note worthy writters. Sure there are all the stories people know and love, like My Little Dashie, Cheerlies Guarden, and Fallout Equestria, but what about the new writters? Yes, there are very good, very noteworhy stories out there that get very little attention, and should be brought to the light. This group, Aspiring Writers, is dedicated towards bringing new and amazing stories to readers throughout the internet.
We are very prestigious, and will only accept the best Fanfictions to be posted in this group. If you are a new writter with a good story to be introduced to the masses, or an old writer looking for more attention, or a reader that is just simply trying to find a good fanfic, then you are welcome to this group.

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted January 2nd

I have returned, and once again can focus on running this group. I've been gone for two and a half years, I can't explain why without going into personal life drama, and I'm sure you don't want that :P

There is now a submission folder, I should've has one available years ago. I am sorry this train has existed but never actually ran, but I am happy to announce that once we get some active people on board we can get this thing rolling.

388206 It will never get approved because there is no submission folder.

Sooo... if I submit a story, its instantly approved? Isn't that cheating?

dedicated towards bringing new and amazing stories to readers throughout the internet

There is no submission folder.

I would appreciate it if word got around about this group, so then many other people could have faith in what I'm trying to accomplish. I thank you all for joining and supporting what is going to go on here in this group.

Alright guys, I hadn't realized that some people have joined the group, so I apologize for the long wait. I do want this group to be a long lasting, trusted source for new and good content, so I'm glad you all are here. Fantasia Archsage, I was in haste to create this group in-between classes at school and was unable to create a folder till now. Inorder to get your story posted there, I have to approve it. Inorder to submit a story, send it to my email at:

I will then look over it and see if it is worthy of our folder, which I hope it is :twilightsmile:

If I accept what you have written so far, I will allow you to post it in our Stories Folder where then all can see your amazing work.

You can call your own group 'exclusive', but 'prestigious' has to be earned. :ajsmug:

Where is the submission folder?

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