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Welcome! Remember first hoof, if you're a new writer who is just being introduced to the wonders of the site, or a veteran of pony fan-fiction, we are all in this together. No matter what. Now that we've gotten that cleared up...

Recently on the site, I spotted some fiction that was un-edited, maybe a little (lot) to un-detailed, and slightly awkward in word and topic choice (you know what I'm talking about. Those occasional fics that made us all cringe.) The writers of these shouldn't feel bad, they are simply a little misguided, perhaps new. But this is exactly what this group is for. If you have a poorly written fan fiction thats gotten tons of dislikes and is making you feel bad, we won't taunt you about it. With your permission, we will take the story and, "reform it," so to speak. In other words, we will take your idea and expand on it with more detail, correct grammar, and see if we can improve ratings. If you want a fic to be reformed, comment below. We check regularly, so don't be afraid to drop by and leave a story to be reformed! If you want to be a mod, (someone who takes the stories and reforms them,) comment below with a short bio.

We're all in this together! Have a fic Reformed today!

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I'm glad I found this group...though I am kinda laughing, the story that even I think is my worse, though Unholy Union is a close second, is the one in the most groups XD

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