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Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem.

About Me

Gender: Nerf
Acceptable đŸ…±ronouns: dude/bro, motherfucker/man, ya/boi, and he/him.
Age: Nothing
Residence: Your mom's house.
Dislikes: Peanut butter.
Zodiac Sign: The constellation where I'm fucking your dad.
Personality Type: INTJ
Main Account: ????
Ponysona Name: Schadenfreude
Object held in his magic: A flat cap.
Profile picture done by: Eonlonic

I'm where all the LackLustre and garbage bits of writing go from my mystery main account! I will also hold my main account's name when needed. Basically, I'm a junk drawer account. I follow artists, retired authors, and non-active folk still worth keeping track of. Also, folks who are barely semi-active and hibernating (which is okay, yo) but might clog up those I follow on my main account. Any stories from my main account I don't plan to continue go here, too. They are all marked as canceled.

All guesses about my main account are welcome.

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