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This story is a sequel to The Symphony of Dawn

Princess Platinum is in mourning after the death of Clover, her faithful companion. Yet, she is unwilling to know just how deep their bond really was. Instead, the noble-born unicorn mare is willing to take it to her grave... and with it, all the less-than-noble things she did to defend that secret.

A stand-alone sequel. Edited by TCC56. Inspired by the original Imposing Sovereigns contest. Had this been official, 'Madwoman Platinum' would have been my prompt. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

Chapters (3)
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Very very cool start, Icy. Looking forwards to wherever you take this one.

Long wait for ch. 1 don't ya think?

This was canceled for a long period of time, but I decided to bring it back.

This is an intriguing start. Hoping for more!

I have the first half of this story written, and the extra uptick in attention that this story got meant it was worth dropping the second chapter a little bit early.

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