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This story is a sequel to Promises Frozen in Time

When Celestia unexpectedly falls sick in the middle of the desert, it's up to a young Luna to somehow obtain medicine for her sister. She must brave the sands of the desert alone. During her journey, she learns that the medicine she seeks is farther away than she ever thought.

Proofread by Kirito-Persona. This story can be treated as a stand-alone installment. Rated T and 'Narcotics' for significant amounts of dramatic elements and a brief moment of accidental drug use. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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What were those, if not peppers? :rainbowhuh:


Peyote. The main reason this is T. Drugs are bad.

Luna is best Prince

k will shut up now xD

This was a lovely tale. I like how Luna's innocent mind process what's happening around. Perhaps she doesn't understand now bit hopefully in time she will.

"That is Our decree!"

Sure sounds like a big sister.

Oh dear. This is exciting and scary. Poor Tia. I'm not sure if the scene with Luna and the tumbleweed is cute or concerning or both.

Big Sister Energy is strongk in smol princess.
Gotta love unsupervised fun! Absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Absolutely. Nothing.

We immediately declared it Our new friend, and waved it about like a knight does a sword.

Still not sure if she's cute or losing her mind. Both?

Well, this is interesting. This is very exciting, but has a cute through-the-eyes-of-a-child quality I love.

She's just an imaginative kid who hasn't gotten past using animism in playtime yet.
I also love getting to add stuff like that. Thanks for binging my stuff too! I love these oldies of mine, even if all they need is a little polish. I have too many projects okay.

Very mysterious and exciting. Luna is so charmingly sweet especially wanting to hug what I assume is her kin. Does Princess Amira get a story?

Also, glad you're not pussyfooting and just calling Alicorns Gods.

Amira is not related to Luna or Celestia. She appears in in Antumbra and is mentioned again in Favorable Alignment. Both of those stories deal with Alicorns and divinity more too, though one is part of a series. I'm really glad you like these so far! Thanks so much for reading and commenting all the way through! It's so nice to have notifications on stories that sometimes go years without them. Even if it was about something someone didn't like, I wouldn't mind.

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