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  • TNo Surprises, Please
    Personally, Celestia has had few surprises - oh, there were a few: the unexpected return of her dear sister, Discord, the Crystal Empire's, and Tirek's escape. But most things, she finds, are nice and calculated... until now.
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Discord has a wonderful news for Celestia! In fact, it's news so wonderful that it might render her speechless... which is a good thing, right?

It's just one little surprise, and Discord's overjoyed... so shouldn't Celestia be too?

A very belated birthday gift for fluffysam, I hope it was worth waiting for! Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Comments ( 32 )

Omg! Did you make that art yourself?!
It's so amazing!
I love this story too!:heart:

I did not make it. There's a link to the artist.
And I'm glad you enjoyed both.:twilightsmile:

*muffled happy floof noises*

I looooooooovve this :rainbowkiss::heart:

Now to figure out when your birthday is....

Theres some interesting ideas at work here.

I found the story odd but enjoyable.

Someone needs to turn Fluttershy into an alicorn or something, she deserves it. Do you know how hard it is to deal with someone who's pregnant? The cravings? The mood whiplashes?? One minute your noodle friend is fine and then suddenly, he's sobbing because his nest doesn't have enough orange in it and he needs you, the one WITHOUT reality breaking magic, to get some more. Fluttershy is the unsung hero here.

And Discord actually ate the fabric. Yummy!

Well, this was really enjoyable. I would love to see more. Like what's Luna reaction to this?

Holy crap I'm confused, what happened and how?:rainbowhuh:

It explains in the story. You did read it, didn't you?

"Your Highness?" The look on the Royal Guard's face could only be described as 'Royal Perplexion,' a facial expression they had become more used to over the last few years. "Is there a particular reason..." He trailed off and took a nervous glance behind him.

"Go on," encouraged Celestia. "Discord went home several minutes ago."

"Oh, thank Celestia," said the guard in an explosion of relaxed breath. "Not that I'm thanking you for... um... Well, there's this... thing in the throne room."

"A thing," said Celestia with the measured pace of somepony quite used to pulling answers out of ponies one small fragment at a time.

"Yes. It's a... Well, your throne is gone. Well, not gone so much as.... Well, replaced," finished the guard. "With a nest."

"A nest?" asked Celestia with renewed interest. "A rather large nest, say for example alicorn sized, with a depression in the middle the size of a large egg?"

"Yes," said the guard, sounding considerably relieved. "And a big sign over it with an arrow pointing down at the egg that says..." The guard stopped and licked his lips nervously. "Place Royal Fundament Here."

"Oh, that's perfectly... normal," said Celestia, considering how the value of 'normal' had changed in her life. "Is that all?"

"No, Your Highness." The guard fidgeted and looked over his shoulder again. "Princess Luna was wondering how long she had to sit on it until it was your turn."

If this was DA, you'd be getting a 'Featured by Owner' for that comment. Since that feature isn't here, I'll just give you an upvote and leave this here:

Yeah, discord lays an egg and Celestia is the father. I'm more interested in how they did the deed though.

That'd be more of a clopfic writer's kind of story, and I am not a clopfic writer.

Cute stuff, though I'm not seeing the morbidity in the title.

Scrambled eggs would not be good in this scenario. I tried not to think about it too hard and then I didn't listen to myself. Whoops.

Fluttercord forever! :flutterrage: Still, great story, and that little thing isn't enough to take away any enjoyment. :ajsmug:

The title is so fucking morbid in hindsight.


Scrambled eggs!

I happen to like scrambled eggs, so I'm not seeing it.

The egg in this story should not be scrambled

She was about to continue. As passive as she appeared right now, she wanted to remind him that he almost missed her birthday - November sixth wasn't that far away after all - and that she hadn't heard a word from him, and she wasn't sure that anypony else had. Did he have anything to do with the incidents in Ponyville? She knew that draconequui, or at least Discord, who was the last of them, often at the most strangest things. She had seen him chewing cans, after all.

Seem to be missing a few words ?

"Well," Discord began, watching Celestia sip her tea, "I laid this egg just as my father laid my egg. That is what I've been up too - (to) oh and the cravings-" He waved his claw this time, made a small snort and smiled. "They were simply outrageous. Fluttershy was kind enough to, ah, lend me her flower pots. That's what friends are for." He beamed at her. "She even helped me build a nest!"

Oh? Why did you choose to highlight this particular excerpt?

Because, as written, this doesn't make sense to me.
"She knew that draconequui, or at least Discord, who was the last of them,............. often at the most strangest things. She had seen him chewing cans, after all."
IMO, it's missing something, some nouns or verbs describing what the "most strangest things" referred to. Such as, say
"developed strange obsessions"
"experienced strange appetites"
something along those lines
I was hoping that you'd rewrite the sentence so that it would make more sense.

Oh sure! Will do!

The title is so fucking morbid in hindsight.

God freaking dammit. Wasn’t thinking about it till you mentioned it.

Sorry about that! I'm far more used to writing morbid things!:twilightsheepish:

Personally, morbid humour is great, though horror is more my thing. Was it meant to be morbid? I assume it was coincidental from the way you phrased it. Also, don’t mind me, I’m just salty that I didn’t notice till you pointed it out.

Hehe, it was purely coincidental


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Huh apparently chaos and harmony can create something beautiful

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